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Emphasis on Diversity

The Clinical Psychology Internship Program is strongly committed to supporting cultural and individual diversity and does not discriminate on the basis of race/ethnicity, color, religion, sex, including marital status, national origin, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, gender expression, disability, genetic information, or veteran status in its recruitment, retention, or development of interns, faculty or staff. We welcome and encourage well-qualified individuals with a commitment to diversity to apply for positions in our program. We aim to foster an attractive and nurturing atmosphere of learning where diverse interns, faculty, staff, and patients can understand, accept and appreciate one another.

The internship's didactic and experiential training is aimed at fostering an understanding of a broad range of cultural and individual diversity as it relates to professional psychology. Its didactic training includes specific topics relevant to understanding cultural factors and fostering diversity, which are integrated into the clinically oriented presentations. The internship program has a unique experiential training program focused on cultural and individual diversity which takes place in monthly activities throughout the year. The patient populations with which the interns work are quite diverse, as are the students, residents and staff at the Medical Center. We will continue to develop and maintain an environment that makes recognition of one's own cultural biases, and appropriate responsiveness and humility toward those of diverse cultures attainable for all interns, students, faculty, and staff.

The program makes concerted and long-range efforts to attract and retain diverse interns and faculty. This begins with attention to the environment we describe above. We are also allied with the missions and initiatives of our Medical Center on this topic. The Program supports and adheres to very specific nondiscrimination policies for all students at the Medical Center which can be found here. In addition to its programmatic commitment and emphasis, the program actively supports the Departmental Diversity Committee, with participation of its psychology faculty and trainees, including interns. Information about the Committee can be found here. More broadly, the faculty have had significant roles in the Executive Vice Chancellor's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Cabinet of the Medical Center, and KU Medical Center has a strong diversity initiative. For more information, visit the Diversity website. Faculty of the Division are furthermore leading in diversity initiatives at the state level.

Last modified: Aug 14, 2020