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Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The postdoctoral fellowships are residencies offered through the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Psychology Division and provide opportunities for the residents to receive specialized training in an area of expertise of psychologists on faculty in the Division of Psychology.  These areas include, Clinical Health Psychology with focus in Onco-Psychology, Neurorehabilitation Psychology and Advanced Clinical Psychology. The postdoctoral residencies offered are one year, full time training experiences. 

The postdoctoral residencies are designed to meet licensure requirements for postdoctoral supervision as specified in the statutes for licensure through the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board in the State of Kansas.  These requirements include 1800 hours of supervised experience by a Kansas Licensed Psychologist in a setting involving the provision of clinical psychological services, which provides the resident with contact with other disciplines, the opportunity to utilize a variety of theories, and the opportunity to work with a broad range of populations and techniques.  At least 900 hours are spent providing clinical services, and individual supervision is provided at least one hour per 20 hours of clinical service provision.  The detailed requirements for postdoctoral training for Kansas licensure are set forth in the statutes governing the practice of psychology in Kansas, which may be found on the Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board website, particularly regulation 102-1-5a for psychology.  While requirements should generally meet criteria for licensure in other states, we will work with incumbents who have any special requirements. 

Postdoctoral residencies in the Division represent several substantive area and subspecialties.  Current residency positions, with links to descriptions of the positions are listed below.

Prerequisites for all post-doctoral fellows include a degree or completion of all requirements for a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree in clinical or counseling psychology and completion of a one year full time (or two year part-time) internship in clinical or counseling psychology at the doctoral level.

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Advanced Clinical Psychology

Postdoctoral Residency in NeuroRehabilitation
Postdoctoral Fellowship in NeuroRehabilitation Announcement
Postdoctoral Fellowship in NeuroRehabilitation Position Description
Postdoctoral Fellowship in NeuroRehabilitation Training Plan

Clinical Health Psychology Postdoctoral Residency with focus in Onco-Psychology
Postdoctoral Residency Admissions, Support, and Initial Placement Data
Program Mission

Core Competencies

Program Faculty
Meagan Dwyer, Ph.D.
Jessica Hamilton, Ph.D.
Heather Kruse, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Muenks, Ph.D.
Marcus Alt, Ph.D.

Program Manual

Postdoctoral Residency in Clinical Child Psychology
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology Announcement
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Clinical Child Psychology Position Description

Last modified: Nov 18, 2019