Academic Staff

Laura MussulmanLaura M. Mussulman, MPH, MA, CTREC/MS-CR Project Director
Office: 4004-K Robinson
Phone: 913-945-7835
• Administrates the Clinical and Translational Research Education Center (CTREC), which serves as the home of the clinical and translational research education, training and career development program for the NIH CTSA-funded Frontiers: Heartland Institute for Clinical and Translational Research.
• Manages the degree programs for the University of Kansas Master of Science in Clinical Research (MS-CR) and Certificate in Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR)

Farah MarhusinFarah Marhusin, Administrative Assistant
Office: 4004 Robinson
Phone: 913-588-2767
• Coordinates Clinical Translational Research Seminar (CTRS) and Kansas Public Health Grand Rounds
• Administrative support for MPH and MS-CR programs
• Manages Crumbine Classroom (4004-J Robinson)

Administrative Staff

Joanne McNairJoanne McNair, Operations Manager
Office: 4030-A Robinson
Phone: 913-588-2773
• Business and accounting manager for department
• Budgeting, personnel and administration
• Website administrator
• Special projects

Marilyn PainterMarilyn Painter, Senior Coordinator
Office: 4030 Robinson
Phone: 913-588-2772
• Manages calendar for Department Chair
• Oversees contracts for department
• Kansas Cancer Registry (KCR) support
• Faculty and staff support

Glenn JamesGlenn James, Administrative Assistant
Office: 4030 Robinson
Phone: 913-588-2775
• Faculty and staff support
• Department equipment inventory
• Schedules meetings (4030B Robinson)

Last modified: Aug 20, 2014