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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS)?

TTS professionals possess the skills, knowledge and training to provide evidence-based tobacco treatment. 

Who can become a TTS?

TTS training is designed for anyone who wants to master the necessary core competencies for providing evidenced-based treatment for tobacco dependence. For more details, visit Becoming a TTS.

How do I register for the TTS training?

At the moment, we do not have any trainings scheduled for 2019.  In the meantime, please let us know you are interested by completing this form.

What are the costs of the training for me/my organization?

Various grant funds may provide all elements of TTS training at no cost to qualifiying individuals! This includes Basic Skills online training and in-person training. Depending on which TTS training you are attending, we cover the cost of your mileage (at $0.54/mile) and your guestroom (4 nights). 

Do I get CEUs for this training?

Yes! Details can be found at Becoming a Tobacco Treatment Specialist.

What if I can’t make all four days of the in-person TTS training?

We are all busy and it is understandable that schedules may have a conflict. Unfortunately, it is a requirement to attend the entire in-person training. If a training does not work for your schedule, be sure to get on our wait list for another upcoming training!

My coworker/friend/boss became a TTS elsewhere. Will this training be of the same quality?

Absolutely. The TTS training provided by KU Medical Center is in collaboration with the University of Massachusett’s (UMASS) accredited program. The UMASS TTS training program is the oldest TTS training program in the United States, founded in 1999.

I took the TTS training before but I want to take the training again. Is that ok?

To be a TTS, you only need to take the TTS training once. The program is designed for participants who have never taken the TTS training before. 

What is the difference between Tobacco Treatment Specialist (TTS) and Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialists (CTTS)?

The CTTS requires additional work after the in-person training and is something you may complete on your own time. More information

I recently stopping using tobacco, can I become a TTS?

Absolutely, participants must be tobacco-free for six months prior to attending the in-person core training.

Is this training accredited by Council for Tobacco Treatment Training Programs (CTTTP)?

Yes. The TTS training provided by KU Medical Center is in collaboration with University of Massachusett’s accredited program, the oldest TTS training program in the United States, founded in 1999.

How will TTS impact my profession?

TTS training is a great opportunity for professional development.  TTS professionals gain skills and knowledge to provide evidence-based tobacco treatment to their patients. For non-providers, this training can be used to help your organization learn about reimbursement for treating tobacco dependence as well as the benefits of offering tobacco treatment in your clinic.

What if I move after becoming a TTS?

There are TTS professionals across the world! Staying connected to our team is recommended so you can continue developing your TTS skill sets. Our funding is focused on those who provide service to Kansas residents, so we train providers who are not planning to relocate.

I have read through everything here and I still have questions. How can I get my questions answered?

Contact us and we will respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

Last modified: Sep 16, 2019
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