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Stroke Impact Scale Download

The Stroke Impact Scale is a copyrighted instrument. A license must be negotiated and executed prior to use.

There are four steps to acquire the Stroke Impact Scale or SIS16 database:

  1. Contact Sue M. Lai, Ph.D. at for more information about registering your use of the Stroke Impact Scale.
  2. Print instructions for downloading, setting up, and using the SIS database.
  3. Print the "SIS Guide for Administration" (2 pages, REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION)
  4. Download one of the SIS Database options below (REQUIRES AUTHENTICATION):

NOTE: You must have Microsoft Access (Office 2003 or higher) to use the SIS database

Additional Stroke Impact Scale documentation:

SIS 16
SIS 3.0 Patient Instrument
SIS Proxy Instrument (Version 3.0)
SIS Proxy Guide for Administration
SIS International Translations (opens new window)
MAPI Research Institute (opens new window)
MAPI Trust Stroke Impact Scale (opens new window)
ProQolid Stroke Impact Scale & Stroke Toolbox (SIS) (opens new window)

Last modified: Jun 30, 2019