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Epidemiology Grants

Kansas Cancer Registry & Cancer Surveillance

• Sue Lai (PI/registry component): U55/CCU721977, 09/01/94 - 06/30/17
• Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kansas Department of Health and Environment
The primary purpose of the Kansas Cancer Registry is to register and ascertain Kansans with cancers. Through the registration, sub-populations with excess cancers, more distant stage of cancers, and worse survival prognosis will be identified. Subsequently, programs like early screening and education will be provided to the identified sub-population to improve their health.

KUMC Collaborators:

  • John Keighley, Biostatistics
  • Brantley Thrasher, Institute for Reproductive Health & Regenerative Medicine

Cancer and Preventive Care Utilization in Elderly Kansans with Medicare

• Sue Lai (PI), 07/01/12 - 06/30/15
• Kansas Department of Health and Environment
The long-term goal of this project is to develop strategies that would improve cancer screening, the delivery of stage appropriate cancer treatment, and thus improve the prognosis after cancer in elderly Kansans.

Medical Epidemiology Consultation for Health Systems Work

• Contract Babalola Faseru (PI), 04/01/13 - 07/31/16
• Kansas Department of Health and Environment
Provide on-site medical review and advanced epidemiology consultation to the Bureau of Health Promotion, including scientific guidance and epidemiological direction for chronic disease and injury control programs to assure scientific credibility.

To Reveal an Etiological Factor of Functional Ankle Instability

• Wen Liu (PI, KUMC-Neuromuscular Research Laboratory): R21 AR062205, 07/01/12 - 06/30/14
This application addresses the problem of functional ankle instability and its mechanism in an attempt to develop diagnostic tools and treatment for this condition.

  • Department Role: Sue Lai, Co-investigator
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