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Stephanie Seger, MA, MSW

Education Instructor
Department of Population Health

Master of Arts, Public Policy Management - The Ohio State University
Master of Social Work - The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Arts, Political Science - The Ohio State University

Stephanie Seger is the Senior Manager of Government Relations at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. With 9 years experience working in child health policy, Stephanie is a well-versed lobbyist in both KS and MO and passionate advocate for the health of all children. Her experience at the Capitol and in public policy is utilized by other organizations serving children. She is on the board of the Mother and Child Health Coalition, where she serves as legislative advocacy committee co-chair, chair of the Operation Breakthrough Leadership Council and on the inaugural board of KidsWinMO. Stephanie has a Masters of Social Work and Masters of Arts in Public Policy Management from The Ohio State University. She resides in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Kansas City, MO with her husband, Dan and dog, Sparklesworth.

Curriculum Vitae

Last modified: Jul 31, 2019

Stephanie Seger


Stephanie Seger, MA, MSW
Education Instructor