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Lisa Sanderson Cox, Ph.D.

Research Professor

Education and Training

Northwestern University: Bachelor of Science, Communication Studies
Purdue University: Master of Science, Psychology
Purdue University: Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Psychology
University of Virginia Health Sciences Center: Clinical Psychology Residency
Mayo Clinic: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Behavioral Medicine

Research Interests

Smoking Cessation and Tobacco Use Treatment, Health Disparities

My primary research objective is to advance tobacco use treatment, focusing on improving smoking cessation in African American and Latino smokers and other underserved populations. The goal of this effort is to reduce health disparities and enhance health. This work centers on community collaborations, including work with Swope Health Central in the Kick It at Swope projects, and the JUNTOS Center for Advancing Latino Health. This multidisciplinary research involves biobehavioral treatment, combining pharmacotherapy and behavioral counseling, and examines biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors that contribute to treatment outcomes.

  • National Institutes of Health R01 CA091912: Enhancing Tobacco Use Treatment of African American Light Smokers
  • NIH/National Institute on Drug Abuse R01 DA035796:  Advancing Tobacco Use Treatment for African American Smokers


My teaching interests include topics in clinical psychology, behavioral medicine, and health behavior, with specific interest in health disparities, cancer control and prevention, and addictions. My general teaching philosophy grows from my own training as a clinical psychologist with a cognitive-behavioral orientation, and my work with evidence-based intervention and multidisciplinary, community-based research. I value experiential learning and multidisciplinary collaboration. The learning process provides opportunities to challenge assumptions, examine empirical evidence, and consider multiple perspectives to develop greater understanding.

Last modified: Jul 11, 2019

Lisa Sanderson Cox, Ph.D.


Lisa Sanderson Cox, Ph.D.
Research Professor

Department of Population Health
Mailstop 1008
Kansas City, KS 66160

P: 913-588-2643
F: 913-588-2780

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