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Laura E. Martin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Associate Director of fMRI, Hoglund Brain Imaging Center

Education and Training

University of Kansas: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology/Dance
Rice University: Master of Science, Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience
Rice University: Doctor of Philosophy, Psychology/Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Kansas Medical Center: Postdoctoral Fellowship

Research Interests

Neuroimaging Studies of Health Behaviors

My research focuses on identifying neural mechanisms associated with health behaviors such as smoking and obesity. My research utilizes functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) to examine differences in prefrontal and limbic responses to rewarding stimuli (i.e. smoking cues, money, food-images, etc). In addition, my research examines the of role individual differences impulsivity in decision making and reward processing. As Associate Director of fMRI in the Hoglund Brain Imaging Center, I also have numerous ongoing collaborations areas of smoking cessation, obesity, social neuroscience, decision-making, resting state fMRI and neuroeconomics.


My teaching interests include translational research, research methods and public health topics such as addiction, obesity, and health decision-making. The majority of my teaching is hands on training in neuroimaging methods through observation and one-on-one mentoring. As a researcher I am passionate about sharing my enthusiasm for research with students and discussing all aspects from critically evaluating research, developing research questions to what methods are most appropriate to answer these questions.

  • PRVM 808: Clinical and Translational Research
Last modified: Oct 24, 2019

Laura E. Martin, Ph.D.


Laura E. Martin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Associate Director of fMRI, Hoglund Brain Imaging Center

Department of Population Health
Mailstop 1050
3901 Rainbow Blvd., Kansas City, KS 66160

P: 913-588-7279
F: 913-588-9071

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