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Current PhD Students

Gayle Brekke

Gayle M. Brekke

MBA, Health Care Leadership, Rockhurst University
BA, Mathematics, St. Mary's University of Minnesota

Research Interests: Health economics, patient engagement and empowerment, disruptive innovation, measurement and communication of quality and outcomes, impact of insurance benefit design on health care expenditures, and modeling and simulation techniques.

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Taynara Formagini

Taynara Formagini

Masters in Psychology, Federal University of Juiz de Flora, Brazil
Bachelor in Psychology, Federal University of Juiz de Flora, Brazil

Research Interests:  Public health policy, racial/ethnic health disparities, poverty, health care disparities, health promotion, drug use/prevention, tobacco cessation

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A Gafford

Atlee Gafford

MA, Applied Economics, Western Kentucky University
BA, Political Science, Western Kentucky University

Research Interests:  Health Economics, Medicaid/Medicare cost effectiveness, and Efficiency of Medical Institutions

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Jordyn Gunville PhD Student

Jordyn Gunville

MPH, University of Kansas
BA, Applied Behavioral Science, University of Kansas Medical Center

Research Interests:  Tribal Health policy around Maternal, Infant and Child Health; Impacts of using Indian Health Service among American Indian Populations

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Jon Hamdorf

Jonathan J. Hamdorf

MBA. Baker University
BS, Sociology, University of Iowa
BBA. Management Information Systems, University of Iowa

Research Interests: Healthcare Technology, Healthcare Innovation, Health and Public Policy and person-level care for chronic conditions, personalized health and establishing health goals at all ages and health conditions.

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student photo Li Huang

Li Huang

MPH, University of Oklahoma 
BS, Medicine, Guangzhou University, P.R. China

Research Interests:

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Danielle Jones PhD Student

Danielle Jones

MPH, Public Health, University of West Florida, Pensacola
BS, Biology, University of Missouri-Kansas City

Research Interests: Racial/ethnic disparities, infant and maternal mortality, social determinants of health and health equity

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Letycia Nunez-Argote

Letycia Nunez-Argote

MPH, Public Health Administration, National Institute of Public Health of Mexico
BS Clinical Laboratory Science, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interests: Access to healthcare, health for migrant populations, rural health, LatinX health outcomes, impact of PAMA in clinical laboratory fee schedule

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Tiffany M. Pothapragada

MS, Molecular Biotechnology, University of Kansas Medical Center
BS, Genetics, University of Kansas
BS, Clinical Laboratory Science, University of Kansas Medical Center

Research Interests: Policies surrounding immunization recommendations, immunization registries,  and improving the tracking and documentation of vaccines..

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Last modified: Oct 14, 2019