Benefits, Salary & Leave

Education Fund

Each resident receives a stipend of $750.00 during the PGY-2 and PGY-3 years. This amount increases to $1000.00 during the PGY-4 year. In addition, during the PGY-4 year, the program will provide $1,000.00 towards a review course in preparation for the written boards.

Resident Resources

The resident office is available to residents 24 hours a day. There are computers with internet access with links to the Dynamed Medical information database and to the Dykes library, one of the most complete medical libraries in the midwest. Visit the Dykes library web site for more information about available resources. We also have a PM&R library with access to all the latest rehab medicine journals and resources available to staff and residents.


$46,250 PGY II
$47,085 PGY III
$48,568 PGY IV

Vacation/Sick Leave

Residents are entitled to 3 weeks of annual vacation leave and 10 days of sick leave each year. Individual vacation time is flexible to suit the resident's need. Additionally, in the PGY4 year, senior residents receive an additional week of vacation to allow for board review or interviews.

Health Insurance

Full coverage 30 days from start of employment. Reimbursement of premium cost paid to housestaff on after-tax basis.


All residents will have their parking paid for by the department.

Last modified: Jun 26, 2013