Kenneth Dorko, BS

Senior Scientist
B.S. in Biochemistry, University of Pittsburgh, 1989

I received my B.S. degree in Biochemistry from The University of Pittsburgh in 1989. After graduation I began working at the University of Pittsburgh as a research technician. I spent 17 of my 22 years at Pitt working in the laboratory of Dr. Stephen Strom. My focus there was on the isolation and transplantation of human hepatocytes for the treatment of metabolic diseases and acute liver failure. During my time in Dr. Strom's laboratory I also managed the cell isolation and distribution section of the NIH sponsored Liver Tissue and Cell Distribution System (LTCDS) program. I joined the department of Pharmacology, Toxicology and Therapeutics in 2012 to become the Technical Director of the Biospecimen core lab. The Biospecimen core lab plans to provide hepatocytes and other liver cells isolated from humans, rats and mice to investigators for the support of their research.

Selected Publications

Dorko, K., Freeswick, P.D., Bartoli, F., Cicalese, L., Bardsley, B.A., Tzakis, A., Nussler, A.K. (1994) A new Technique for Isolating and Culturing Human Hepatocytes from Whole and Split Livers Not Used for Transplantation.  Cell Transplantation 3:387-395.

Strom, S.C., Fisher, R.A., Rubinstein, W.S., Barranger, J.A., Towbin, R.B., Charron, M., R, Mieles, L., Pisarov, L.A., Dorko, K., Thompson, M.T., and Reyes, J. (1997) Transplantation of Human Hepatocytes.  Transplantation Proc. 29: 2103-2106.

Fox, I.J. Chowdhury, J.R., Kaufman, S.S., Goertzen, T.C., Chowdhury, N.R., Warkentin, P.I., DorkoK., Sauter, B.V., and Strom, S.C., (1998) Treatment of The Crigler-Najjar Syndrome Type 1 with Hepatocyte Transplantation.  New Eng. J. Med. 338:1422-1426.

Jo, M., Kim, T.Y., Seol, D. Esplen, J.E., Dorko, K., Strom, S.C. TNF-Related Apoptosis Inducing Ligand (TRAIL)-Induced Apoptosis in Normal Human Hepatocytes, Nature Medicine (2000) 6: 564-567.

Skvorak, K.J., Paul, H.S., Dorko, K., Marongiu, F., Ellis, E., Chace, D., Ferguson, C., Gibson, K.M., Homanics, G.E., Strom, S.C. (2009) Hepatocyte Transplantation Improves Phenotype and Extends Survival in a Murine Model of Intermediate Maple Syrup Urine Disease.   Molecular Therapy. 17: 1266-1273.

Gramignoli, R., Green, M.L., Tahan, T., Dorko, K., Skvorak, K.J., Marongiu, F., Zao, W.,Venkataramanan, R., Ellis, E.C.S., Geller, D., Breite, A.G., Dwulet, F.E., McCarthy, R.C., Strom, S.C. (2012) Development and Application of Purified Tissue Dissociation Enzyme Mixtures for Human Hepatocyte Isolation. Cell Transplantation.  21: 1245-1260.
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Kenneth Dorko, BS
Senior Scientist

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