Hemantkumar Dilip Chavan, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow - Kasturi Lab
B. Pharmacy, N.D.M.V.P's College of Pharmacy, Nasik, MH, India
M.S. in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (NIPER), Mohali, PB, India
Ph.D. in Toxicology, University of Kansas Medical Center

I completed a Masters in Pharmacy from the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Mohali, India in 2006. After that, I got a Research Assistant position in the pharmaceuticals research division of Ranbaxy labs, India and worked there for two years in developing screening assay for the Cytochrome P450 mediated metabolism of NCEs (New Chemical Entities). This experience deepened my interests in science and I decided to apply to graduate school to hone my research skills. In 2008, I got into the IGPBS graduate program of KUMC. After a year of coursework in basic sciences and three lab rotations, I have joined Dr. Partha Krishnamurthy's lab in the department of Pharmacology.

When I am out of the lab, I like to watch football and cricket. I love to travel, ride and drive with friends at unknown places. I wish to travel around the world in my lifetime.

Research Interests

Cytochrome P450 (CYP450) enzymes belonging to the hemoprotein family are major players involved in clearance of various drugs and environmental toxins from the human body. Therefore, altered CYP450 expression due to pathophysiological conditions (like acute porphyrias or metal toxicity) or its induction/inhibition by drugs or chemicals can lead to potential drug interaction in a therapeutic regimen. Heme is an important structural component for CYP450 activity and recently a mitochondrial heme transporter was found by Dr. Krishnamurthy and designated as ABCB6 (ATP Binding Cassette family protein B6). Increased ABCB6 expression has been reported in certain cancers including liver. Currently I am interested in investigating CYP450 enzyme profile in correlation with ABCB6. I consider that looking at CYP450's profile can significantly contribute toward the drug metabolism aspect in cancer patients and could potentially help in predicting drug behavior in combination regimen (i.e. drug interactions). ABCB6 can also be a potential novel drug target for new drug development.

Selected Publications

Sharma S*, Singh GM*, Chavan HD and Dey CS: Proteomic analysis of wild type and arsenite resistant Leishmania donovani. Exptl. Parasitol. 2009) 123:369-376.

Singh GM*, Chavan HD* and Dey CS: Proteomic analysis of miltefosine resistant Leishmania reveals the possible involvement of eukaryotic initiation factor 4A, eIF4A. Int. J. Antimicrob. Agents (2008) 31:584-586.

Chavan HD, Singh GM and Dey CS: Confocal microscopic investigation of tubulin distribution and effect of paclitaxel on post-translationally modified tubulins in sodium arsenite resistant Leishmania donovani. Exptl. Parasitol. (2007) 116:320-326.
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Hemantkumar Dilip Chavan, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow - Kasturi Lab

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