Yuchao Xie

Graduate Student - Jaeschke Lab
B.S. in Biology, Wuhan University

I come from the Hubei province in China. After 4 years of study majoring in biology in Wuhan University, I received my bachelor degree of science in 2010. The first year of study in IGPBS and lab rotations stimulated my interest in pharmacology and toxicology. At the beginning of the second year, I joined Dr. Hartmut Jaeschke's lab, pursuing a PhD degree in toxicology.

Research Interests

APAP (acetaminophen) is a widely used analgesic and antipyretic. Generally considered safe at therapeutic doses, APAP can cause severe liver injury in overdose cases.  Although the toxicity of APAP has long been studied and many crucial events have been revealed during the years, there are still many mechanistic aspects of cell injury that remain ill-defined.  The JNK pathway is an important stress-response pathway involved in apoptosis, necrosis and regeneration. Besides, it was reported to be vital in APAP induced liver injury.  However, there are not many studies on the specific role of the JNK pathway in APAP toxicity, and thus it will be intriguing to explore the function of JNK activation and other intracellular signaling mechanisms in liver injury in more detail.  Moreover, a better understanding of these late events in the cell injury mechanisms may reveal important therapeutic targets for the clinic.

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Yuchao Xie
Graduate Student - Jaeschke Lab

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