Steven McGreal

Graduate Student - Apte Lab
B.S. (Valparaiso University)
M.S. (Molecular Biotechnology, KUMC)

As a child, my father was in the military so I live all over.  I now call Prairie Village, KS home.  I attended Valparaiso University where I received a BS degree in Chemistry.  After college, I worked for an environmental testing company for several years before returning to graduate school at the University of Kansas.  At KUMC I received a MS in Molecular Biotechnology.  I chose to pursue my PhD in Toxicology under the guidance of Udayan Apte PhD. In my free time I enjoy playing golf and watching sports with my friends, as well as walking my dogs. 


I have many research interests, but my main one is liver regeneration.  The liver has a remarkable ability to regenerate after insult or resection.  The ability to regenerate is the most important factor in final outcome in drug induced liver failure as well as post-transplant survival and cancer pathogenesis.  I am currently investigating the role of nuclear receptor HNF4alpha in liver regeneration.

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Steven McGreal


Steven McGreal
Graduate Student - Apte Lab

4052 HLSIC; MS 1018
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas 66160

P: (913) 945-6821
F: (913) 588-7501