Le Zhan

Graduate Student - Guo Lab
BS, in Biological Science, Wuhan University, Wuhan, China

The first best part of my life as I can recall now is from my childhood until I finish my middle school, during which I was staying at my hometown. The small town is located deeply in the Dabieshan area of Luotian, Huanggang City in Hubei Province. I love the small mountains, green trees, stream with tiny fishes, blue sky, always beautiful weather, and most of all, my best friends ever and my family there. After high school, all the best friends started to scatter all over the country. Eventually, after I came to KUMed for graduate school, I left all of them. By the time I was writing this, I haven't seen and played our favorite sports-soccer with the best teammates for many years. Suddenly it reminds me a song from the Irish pop band Westlife-Seasons in the sun. Yes, I also love music, almost all kinds, pop, rock, hip-pop, R&B, heavy metal, but also classic, opera, etc. And my favorite artist is Mozart. Joining the Guo lab in the summer of 2010 totally changed not only my career, but also my daily life. The people in the lab are so great and the project about tissue specific regulation of FXR is really exciting. I am pretty sure the new life here could be another best time to memorize forever in my lifetime.

Research Interests

Generally, I am working on the tissue specific regulation of FXR. That is, how FXR functions with other cellular factors, including transcription cofactors, histone modification factors, other nuclear receptors, or by any other possible mechanisms to insure FXR's differential and specific control of gene expression, mainly in the liver and intestine. The ultimate goal is to looking for therapeutic targets to specifically activate or suppress FXR function to help to treat liver or intestinal diseases.
Other than that, I am also always keeping my eyes open with the advancement in the field of stem cell, cancer, long term memory, and other brain function and disease related research.

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Le Zhan
Graduate Student - Guo Lab

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