Jessica Shoop

Graduate Student - Hagenbuch Lab

Originally from Jefferson City, Missouri, I came to the Kansas City area and pursued studies at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. After graduating with my Bachelors in Chemistry, I continued my studies in the School of Pharmacy and earned my Pharm.D. in 2011. In pharmacy school I was drawn to pharmacogenomics, and therefore chose to pursue a Ph.D here at KUMC.

Research Interests

Organic anion transporting polypeptides (OATPs) are an important family of transporters, which contribute to the absorption, distribution and excretion both of exogenous medications and endogenous compounds such as hormones. One member, OATP1B3, is found in the liver along the basolateral membrane of hepatocytes and transports compounds out of the blood and into the cell for metabolism. Under normal physiological conditions OATP1B3 can only be found in the liver, however it is also expressed in certain cancers like in prostrate, pancreatic, and breast cancer. Currently I am working in the Hagenbuch lab to determine the role OATP1B3 might play in cancer.

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Jessica Shoop
Graduate Student - Hagenbuch Lab

4021 HLSIC; MS-1018
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas 66160

P: (913) 588-9189
F: (913) 588-7501