Partha Kasturi, PhD

Associate Professor
Ph.D., Medical College of Wisconsin, 2001

Research Focus

The overall research interest of the laboratory is to understand the role of ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters in Biology and Medicine. These proteins, found in all species, use the energy of ATP hydrolysis to translocate specific substrates across cell membranes. Most of these transporters play important roles in normal biology and in the therapeutic response to medications.

Our current studies focus on 1) Identifying the physiological function, regulation and clinical significance of ABC transporters and 2) Understanding the significance of protein-protein interactions to the intracellular trafficking and functional activity of these multi domain transport machineries. We explore these questions through molecular and cellular biology, protein biochemistry and genetics. We complement our cell culture studies with whole animal studies to put our finding at the cellular level in the context of the whole animal. We expect that these studies will not only provide insight into the cellular role of these transporters but also help us translate this knowledge into new diagnostic and treatment strategies to optimize therapy.

Selected Publications

Krishnamurthy P., Schwab M., Takenaka K., Nachagari D., Morgan J., Leslie M., Du W., Boyd K., Cheok M., Nakauchi H., Marzolini C., Kim R. B., Poonkuzhali B., Schuetz E., Evans W. E., Relling M. V., and Schuetz J. D. (2008) Transporter mediated protection against Thiopurine-induced hematologic toxicity. Cancer Res. 68:4983-4989

Li C., Krishnamurthy P., Penmatsa H., Mars K. L., Wang X., Zaccolo M., Jalink K., Li M., Nelson D. J., Schuetz J. D and Naren A. P. (2007) Spatiotemporal coupling of cAMP Transporter to CFTR Chloride Channel Function in the Gut Ephithelia. Cell. 131:940-951  

Krishnamurthy P and Schuetz J. D. (2007) The role of Transporters in cellular heme and porphyrin homeostasis. Pharmacology and Therapeutics 114: 345-358

Krishnamurthy P., Du G., Fukuda, Y., Daxi S., Sampath, J., Mercer K. E., Wang J., Sosa-pineda B., Murti G., and Schuetz J. D. (2006) Identification of a mammalian mitochondrial porphyrin transporter. Nature. 443: 586-589

Krishnamurthy P and Schuetz J. D. (2006) Role of ABCG2/BCRP in Biology and Medicine. Annu. Rev. Pharmacol. 46: 381-410

Krishnamurthy P and Schuetz J. D. (2005) The ABC transporter Abcg2/Bcrp: Role in hypoxia mediated survival. Biometals. 18: 349-358

Krishnamurthy P, Ross D. D., Nakanishi T., Zhou S., Mercer K. E., Sarkadi B., Sorrentino B. P., and Schuetz J. D. (2004) The stem cell marker Bcrp/ABCG2 enhances hypoxic cell survival through interactions with heme. J Biol Chem. 279: 24218-24225.

Lynch J., Fukuda Y., Krishnamurthy P., Du G and Schuetz J. D. (2009) Cell survival under stress is enhanced by a mitochondrial ATP binding cassette transporter that regulates hemoproteins. Cancer Research. 69: 5560-5567. 

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Partha Kasturi, PhD
Associate Professor

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