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Hongmin Ni, MD

Research Assistant Professor and Cell Isolation Core Technical Director
MD, Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical School, 1993
M.Sc., National University of Singapore, 2002
Post-doctoral fellowship and Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh, 2009

I was born and raised in Shanghai, China. I became a general surgeon after I gained my MD. After more than 6 years working as a surgeon at Shanghai in China, inspired by a strong desire to do basic biomedical research, I started my scientific career in 2000 and obtained my Master of Science degree for the Molecular and Cell Biology at National University of Singapore in 2002.  However, the 6 years' clinical experience and the sophisticated surgery skills that I have learned helped me a lot in my later animal research work. I did my Post-doctoral training at Dr. Xiao-Ming Yin's laboratory at University of Pittsburgh, where I have gained extensive experience on the regulation of cell death and autophagy in endotoxin-induced liver injury.  I joined Dr. Ding's laboratory at the department in 2009 to study the role of autophagy in alcohol and drug-induced liver injury. During my graduate study and my postdoctoral training, I have vastly expanded my knowledge and molecular and animal experimental technical skills including hepatocyte isolation, xenograft, mouse tail vein injection, mouse partial hepatectomy, and bone marrow transplantation. In addition, I also have extensive experience in molecular biology including molecular cloning, adenovirus and adeno-associated virus construction, virus packaging, amplification and purification. I also have extensive experience for cellular fractionation and organelle (including mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, autophagosome and lysosome) isolation.

Research Interests

The Mechanisms of autophagy in alcoholic liver diseases and drug-induced liver injury.
Alcohol abuse is one of the major causes for liver diseases worldwide. Excessive alcohol consumption causes liver steatosis, fibrosis and even liver cancer. Acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity causes acute liver failure among thousands of people every year in US and European countries. However, the mechanisms of how alcohol or acetaminophen-induced liver injury are not completely understood, and effective prevention and treatments of alcohol- and acetaminophen-induced liver injury are still lacking. My research focuses on how autophagy protects against alcohol- and drug-induced liver injury and how to manipulate autophagy to prevent and treat liver injury.

Isolation hepatocytes from human and animal livers.
Isolated hepatocytes from rodents and human livers have become an invaluable tool for liver research. My responsibility in the Cell Isolation Core is to isolate hepatocytes from human or animal livers and provide technical support for research investigators at KUMC and other KU campuses.

Selected Publications (recent five years):

Williams, J.A., Ni H.M., Ding, Y., Ding, W.X. (2015) Parkin Regulates Mitophagy and Mitochondrial Function to Protect Against Alcohol-induced Liver Injury and Steatosis in Mice. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID:26159696

Yang, H, Peng, Y.F., Ni, H.M., Li, Y., Shi, Y.H., Fan, J. and Ding, W.X. (2015) Basal autophagy and feedback activation of Akt are associated with resistance to metformin-induced inhibition of hepatic tumor cell growth. PLos One. 10(6):e0130953. PMID:26111001

Williams, J, Ni, H.M., Hayness, A., Manley S., Jaeschke H.  and Ding, W.X. (2015) Chronic deletion and acute knockdown of Parkin have differential responsed to acetaminophen-induced mitophagy and liver injury in mice. J. Biol. Chem. 290(17):10934-46. PMID:25752611.

Ni, H.M, Bhakta, A., Wang, S., Li, Z., Manley, S., Huang, H., Copple, B., Ding, W.X. (2014) Role of hypoxia inducing factor-1β in alcohol-induced autophagy, steatosis and liver injury in mice. PLoS One. 9(12):e115849. PMID: 25536043. PMCID:PMC4275262.

Ni, H.M., Williams, J.A., Ding, W.X. (2014) Mitochondrial dynamics and mitochondrial quality control. Redox Biol. 4C:6-13. PMID: 25479550.

Manley, S., Ni, H.M., Williams, J.A., Kong, B., DiTacchio, L., Guo, G., Ding, W.X. (2014) Farnesoid X receptor regulates forkhead Box O3a activation in ethanol-induced autophagy and hepatotoxicity. Redox Biol. 2C:991-1002. PMID: 25460735. PMCID: PMC4215528.

Li, Y., Wang, S., Ni, H.M., Huang, H., Ding, W.X. (2014) Autophagy in alcohol-induced multiorgan injury: mechanisms and potential therapeutic targets. Biomed Res Int. 2014:498491. PMID:25140315.

Ni, H.M., Woolbright, B., Copple, B, Luyendyke, J., Cui, W., Jaeschke, H and Ding, W.X. (2014) Persistent activation of Nrf2 promotes impaired hepatic autophagy-induced liver inflammation, fibrosis and tumorigenesis. J of Hepatology 61(3):617-25. PMID:24815875. PMCID: PMC4143992.

Manley, S., Ni, H.M., Kong, B., Apte, U., Guo, G., Ding, W.X. (2014) Suppression of autophagic flux by bile acids in hepatocytes. Toxicol Sci. 2014 Feb;137(2):478-90. PMID:24189133. 3908720.

Ni, H.M., Williams, J.A., Jaeschke. H and Ding, W.X.  (2013) Zonated induction of autophagy and mitochondrial spheroids limits acetaminophen-induced necrosis in the liver. Redox Biology. 1(1): 427-432. PMID: 24191236.

Williams JA, Hou, Y., Ni, H.M., and Ding, W.X. (2013) Role of intracellular calcium in proteasome inhibitor MG132-induced ER stress, autophagy and cell death. Pharm Res. 30(9):2279-89. PMID: 23893020.

Ni, H.M., Duo, K., Zhao, J., Goldberg, A.L., and Ding, W.X. (2013). Critical Roles of FoxO3 in Alcohol-Induced Autophagy and Hepatotoxicity.  American J of Pathology. 84(10):103511. PMID: 24095927. Selected as AJP Press Release.

Ramachandran, A., McGill , M.R.,  Xie, Y., Ni, H.M., Ding, W.X. and Jaeschke, H. (2013) The Receptor Interacting Protein Kinase 3 is a Critical Mediator of Acetaminophen-induced Hepatocyte Necrosis in Mice. Hepatology. 58(6):2099-108. PMID: 23744808.

Ding, W.X., Guo, F.L., Ni, H.M., Bockus, A., Manley, S., Xie, T., Stolz, D.B., Eskelinen, E.L., Jaeschke, H. and Yin, X.M.  (2012) Parkin and mitofusins reciprocally regulate mitophagy and mitochondrial spheroid formation. J Biol. Chem. 287(50):42379-88.  PMID: 23095748.

Ding WX, Li M, Biazik JM, Morgan DG, Guo F, Ni H.M., Goheen M, Eskelinen EL, Yin XM. (2012) Electron Microscopic analysis of a spherical mitochondrial structure. J. Biol. Chem. 287(50):42373-8.  PMID: 23093403.

Ni, H.M., Williams, J., Yang, H, Shi, Y.H., Fan, J and W.X. Ding . (2012). Targeting autophagy for liver diseases. Pharm. Res. Invited review. 66(6):463-74. PMID: 22871337.

Ni, H.M., Boggess, N, Magill, M., Lebofsky,M., Borude,P., Apte,U., Jaeschke, H and Ding. W.X. (2012) Liver specific loss of Atg5 causes persistent activation of Nrf2 and protects against acetaminophen-induced liver injury. Toxi. Sci. (Cover Story). 127 (2): 438-450.  PMID: 22491424.

Ni, H.M., Jaeschke, H. and Ding, W.X. (2012) Targeting autophagy for drug-induced hepatotoxicity. Autophagy. 8(4):709-710. PMID:22441014.

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Tay PN, Tan P, Lan Y, Leung CH, Laban M, Tan TC, Ni H.M., Manikandan J, Rashid SB, Yan B, Yap CT, Lim LH, Lim YC, Hooi SC. (2010). Palladin, an actin-associated protein, is required for adherens junction formation and intercellular adhesion in HCT116 colorectal cancer cells. Int J Oncol. 37(4):909-26. PMID: 20811713

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 Ding, W.X., Ni, H.M., Li, M., Liao, Y., Chen, X., Stolz, D.B., Dorn, li, G.W., and Yin, X.M. (2010) Nix is critical to two distinct two phases of mitophagy: reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated autophagy induction and Parkin-ubiqutin-p62-mediated mitochondria priming. J Biol Chem. 3;285(36):27879-90. ). PMID: 20573959

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Hongmin Ni, MD
Research Assistant Professor and Cell Isolation Core Technical Director

4065 HLSIC (Office); 4052 East HLSIC (Lab); MS-1018
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas 66160

P: (913) 588-8999 (Office ) or (913) 588-9982 (Lab)