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Thomas Pazdernik, PhD

Emeritus Professor
Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1971

Research Focus

Neuropharmacology, neurotoxicology, immunotoxicology

I am currently a Chancellor's Club Teaching Professor and devote most of my time to teaching. My past research interests have focused on the effects of drugs and chemicals on brain function and structure using quantitative computer-assisted analysis to study local cerebral glucose utilization and employing a variety of approaches to understand the role of reactive oxygen species in causing brain damage. I am also interested understanding the role of "limbic sensitization" in relationship to CNS disorders. I currently spend most of my efforts in maintaining and developing the Departments computer-based education program to support the education of medical students and other health professionals.

Selected Publications

Pazdernik, T.L., M.R. Emerson, R. Cross, S.R. Nelson and F.E. Samson. Soman-induced seizures: Limbic activity, Oxidative stress and Neuroprotective proteins. J. Appl. Toxicol. 21: S87- S94, 2001.

Richards, T.L., T.L. Pazdernik, and B. Levant. Clorgyline-induced modification of behavioral sensitization to quinpirole: Effects on local cerebral glucose utilization. Brain Res. 1160: 124-133 (2007)

Pazdernik, T. L. & L. Kerecsen, (authors) Rapid Review of Pharmacology, Mosby, Philadelphia; 3rd Ed.; (2011). 

Richards, TL, TL Pazdernik, and B Levant. Basal local cerebral glucose use is not altered after behavioral sensitization to quinpirole. Neuroscience Letters. 429: 165-68 (2007).

Kerecsen, L. and T.L. Pazdernik. From Mainframe to Web-Based: 30 years of Experience in Computer Aided Instruction of Pharmacology. Nauyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology 366: 83- 89 (2002).

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Thomas Pazdernik, PhD
Emeritus Professor

4083 HLSIC; MS-1018
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, Kansas 66160

P: (913) 588-7504

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