Histopathology Core

Huina Cai

Huina Cai,
Histopathology Core Technician



All Histopathology Core instruments are located in 4044 Hemenway Life Sciences Innovation Center.  This lab is open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
Training from Huina Cai is required before using instrument.  Please contact Huina Cai to arranage a time for training.  Once trained, you will schedule instrument time via the Pharmacology, Toxicology SharePoint site.

Equipment Type of Service As of Jul 1, 2014**
Price Per...
Autostainer & Coverslipper Full-Serivce* $30.00 per run
Autostainer & Coverslipper Self-Service $20.00 per run
Cryostat Full-Serivce* $6.00 per block
Cryostat Self-Service $20.00 per hour
Microtome Full-Serivce* $30.00 per hour
Microtome Self-Service $20.00 per hour
Paraffin Embedding Station Full-Serivce* $40.00 per hour
Paraffin Embedding Station Self-Service $20.00 per hour
Tissue Processor Full-Serivce* $20.00 per run
Tissue Processor Self-Service $10.00 per run

* Please contact Huina Cai regarding Full-Serviceavailability. 
** Investigators should build in a 10% price increase each year when building his/her budget. Prices are subject to increase at any time without prior notification.

Last modified: Jul 01, 2015