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Bile Acid Panel Assay

This is a standardized comprehensive LC-MS assay designed to comprehenively quantify Bile acids in biological tissues or fluids.

The key features of the service offered are:

  • All consumables included in the price.

  • The ACL typically returns your results to you in under three weeks.

  • Three deuterated standards: CA, UDCA, and LCA.

  • 8-point external calibration curve.

  • The ACL runs quality control samples to monitor batch-to-batch reproducibility.

  • The ACL can prepare your samples from tissue if required.

  • Solid-phase extraction used to extract BA from tissue samples -- minimizes the effect of different biological matrices.

  • Methods for BA analysis in human, rat and mouse. (plasma, urine, bile, intestine, liver, gall-bladder and feces.)

  • Bile acids currently quantified by the assay: Note ω-MCA and T-ω-MCA will be added soon. Additional BAs can be added at clients request.

    • CA, CDCA, DCA, LCA, UDCA, HCA, α-MCA, β-MCA,


    • T-CA, T-CDCA, T-DCA, T-LCA, T-UDCA. T-HCA, T-α-MCA, T-β-MCA.

  • Limit of quantitation: 0.5 pmol/µL 


Total ion current chromatograph of a ~2 ng/µL bile acid standard.

ACL Bile Acid Assay


Last modified: Sep 28, 2018