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Acetaminophen (APAP) Assay

This is a standardized comprehensive LC-MS assay designed to comprehenively quantify acetaminophen (APAP) and the products of APAP phase II metabolism in biological tissues or fluids.

The key features of the service offered are:

  • All consumables included in the price.

  • The ACL typically returns your results to you in under three weeks.

  • Two deuterated standards: (APAP and APAP-sulfate).

  • 8-point external calibration curve.

  • The ACL runs quality control samples to monitor batch-to-batch reproducibility.

  • The ACL can prepare your samples from tissue if required.

  • Methods for APAP/APAP-metabolite analysis in human, rat and mouse serum. Techniques for tissue analysis coming soon.

  • Analytes quantified by the assay:Limit of quantitation: 0.25 pmol/µLImproved version of the assay developed for Xie et al. (2015). Run-time per sample reduced from 40 minutes to 5 minutes. This eliminates problems with analyte instability.

  • Analytes quantified:

    • acetaminophen (APAP), acetaminophen N-acetylcysteine (APAP-NAC), acetaminophen glutathione (APAP-GSH)

    • acetaminophen  sulfate (APAP-Sulf), acetaminophen glucuronide (APAP-Gluc), 3-cysteinylacetaminophen (APAP-Cys)

  • MRM detection selectivity delivers unambiguous quantitation despite the accelerated run-time reducing chromatographic resolution by 40%.


Total ion current chromatograph of a ~0.2 ng/µL APAP assay standard.


Last modified: Sep 28, 2018