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Analytical Core Laboratory

The Analytical Core Laboratory (ACL) is a fee-based research resource that was founded to provide KUMC researchers access to well-maintained advanced bioanalytical instrumentation. The scope of the Core laboratory's mission mandates that a wider variety of instrumentation be housed within the lab than is typical with contemporary Core facilities. The instrument suite is designed to facilitate targeted gene and protein expression analysis, investigation and quantitation of so called small molecules and large molecules and metabolomics and lipidomics investigations.


April 5, 2016 MS-Imaging Seminar

Who We Serve
KUMC-Affiliated Researchers

KUMC-Affiliated Researchers: The ACL is designed to assist the KUMC research community. All KUMC-affiliated clients will be charged according to a reduced fee structure.

External Academic Researchers

External Academic Researchers: Academic clients not affiliated with KUMC are welcome but the ACL is obligated to charge them at rates reflecting total cost recovery for that service.

Private and Commercial Entities

Private and Commercial Entities: Private and commercial customers are also welcome but any work undertaken on their behalf will be subject to conditions. View a list of Analytical Core Laboratory (ACL) Conditions and Restrictions.

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Analytical Core Director
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