Stipends & Benefits


PGY 1 $45,303
PGY 2 $46,882
PGY 3 $48,480

*Stipend information is for the 2014-2015 fiscal year and may differ from future years' stipends.


FY14Educational Allowance
PGY 1 $750
PGY 2 $1,000

$1,250 educational fund

$1,000 board reimbursement fund*

     *$500 for registration and $500 for successful completion of boards if taken the year of graduation

     Of note, the exam and registration fees for the 2014 Certification Exam were $2,265.

*Residents are given an annual education fund to purchase books, computers, software, study materials, travel expenses to conferences or any other items deemed educational.

**$500 for registration and $500 for successful completion of boards if taken in the year of graduation.

USMLE/COMLEX Step 3: The residency pays the first attempt of Step 3 registration, if the resident takes the exam prior to March 1 of their PGY-1 year.


Coverage begins the first day of the calendar month following the first 30 days of employment as required by the State of Kansas. Premiums are deducted from the paycheck. The Kansas Legislature has appropriated funds to pay for spousal and dependent health insurance coverage for residents enrolled in the State of Kansas group health insurance program. Premiums for this coverage are not the responsibility of the resident. Dental and vision insurance are also offered.

The institution also covers the cost for disability and professional liability.


Time Off:

  • 15 days paid vacation per year
  • 10 days paid sick time per year
  • Up to 5 days continuing education (PGY2 and PGY3 for conference attendance, fellowship interviews, board review, etc.)
  • Step 3: PGY-1 residents receive 2 days off for the exam plus 1 travel day.
  • Up to three months can be taken for personal/family emergencies (FMLA) (stipends/benefits are stopped during this time and you may be required to make up this time at the end of your residency)

Administrative bonus:
New residents can receive up to $300 for the accurate completion of on-boarding materials, including all training modules.

  • All online requirements met and training completed by June 1  = $300 bonus
  • All online requirements met and training completed by June 8 = $200 bonus
  • All online requirements met and training completed by June15 = $100 bonus
  • Completion of requirements after June15 = $0 bonus

Holiday block: Each year, the last week of December and early part of January is divided into two parts, with residents splitting the two time frames between themselves. This allows all residents to take time off for the holidays without having to use vacation time.

Books: All residents are provided with a Harriet Lane upon beginning residency. You will also be provided with the Nelson Essentials. Nelson Essentials is the text used by the residency program for a structured reading program. The department also provides MedStudy to all PGY3s to facilitate studying for boards.

Licensing/DEA: Cost for training licenses in the states of Kansas and Missouri will be paid by the program. Residents receive a "fee exempt" DEA certificate during their training, which can only be used at trainings sites.

Life Support Training: Costs incurred for obtaining required life support training (Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Support and Neonatal Resuscitation Program, Advanced Trauma Life Support), including any required renewals are covered by the program.

American Academy of Pediatrics Membership: Cost of annual membership to the American Academy of Pediatrics is split between the residency program and the Kansas Chapter of the AAP. This allows residents access to Pedialink, which provides tools for training such as Board PREP online, Individual Learning Plans (ILP's), the Red Book and many more.


Residents have covered Bluff Garage Parking.

Chair's International Medicine Grant: The Department of Pediatrics will make available a $1000 grant award for residents to complete an international rotation (mission work). Residents must apply for approval of the Chair's International Medicine Grant.

Resident Travel Grant: Travel Grants are available through both the Pediatric Research Committee (up to $1000) as well as the Program (up to $500) for residents to travel to give presentations at meetings.

 Emergency Child Care: KU-Women in Medicine Society (WIMS) worked with Nannies of Kansas City Ltd. (NKCL) to provide our faculty and residents at the University of Kansas Medical Center, at a discounted group rate, a sick care option for their children. NKCL has 75 nannies on staff and are able to provide qualified and licensed professionals to come to your home and care for your child when they are ill. Parents are to work directly with NKCL. The fee can be reimbursed through the education fund.

Kirmayer Fitness Center Membership: 

The Department of Pediatrics will reimburse you half of the $360 annual membership fee at the Kirmayer fitness center if enrolled before October 1st.  The fitness center is located on campus.

Meals/Snacks: For each evening spent on in-house call, residents will be given $16 on a meal card to be used within a calendar month. Breakfast is provided at each morning conference and lunch is provided at all noon conferences. In addition, snacks are provided in the Pediatric Medical Education Center.

Social Activities: Both the department and the residency program sponsor various social activities throughout the year. The department offers annual parties/activities for the Winter Holiday, Halloween and an employee appreciation event. The Residency Program hosts an annual New Resident Welcome Barbeque, Resident Retreat at an off-campus location, Holiday Party and Graduation Dinner. There are also smaller social events that are planned by resident classes.

Pediatric Medical Education Center: Residents have access to this area 24 hours. It includes a kitchen, study areas, couch and individual lockers.  In addition, residents have 24 hour access to the resident specific study room. The room includes computers, couches, a study area and cable television.

Last modified: Nov 20, 2014
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