Resident Life

The Department of Pediatrics at KU Medical Center offers a relatively small program with a dedicated faculty within a large state academic institution. But there is life outside of residency, and there is plenty to do in a large midwestern city such as Kansas City. Here are just a few reasons to choose KU Pediatrics, in the words of our residents themselves:

Michelle Davis The Residents
"The pediatric program at KU is like one big happy family! I never feel alone. Residency is a hard journey no matter where you are, but our program is behind us with 100 percent support every step of the way!" 
-- Michelle Davis
D Bar-Zion The City
"Never make any decisions on an empty stomach. Living in Kansas city ensures you'll always be ready to make crucial decisions. The food here is as incredible as the pediatric program. Follow your gut".
-- Dani Bar-Zion
J Waddell The Faculty
"One of the greatest aspects of the KU Pediatric Residency Program is the pervasive collegial atmosphere throughout the department.  Whether you need help with patient care responsibilities, research projects, or you're just having a bad day, there is always someone to lend a helping hand.  The faculty have open door policies, and the residents are a very close-knit group.  I am continually surprised and thankful for the enthusiasm the faculty possess for resident education".

-- Joel Waddell
A Osterloh Clinical Experience
"I chose KU Pediatrics for the family focused environment. Not just that this program values family focused rounding, but that the residents, attendings and program director are a family and clearly care about each other beyond academics. They also were supportive of my family and reassured me that my family's well-being is as important part of me becoming a pediatrician. The level of support I would receive here was a perfect fit for me."
-- Amanda Osterloh
W Tfankji Family Activities
"Kansas City is a great place to live and start a family. KU Peds is a medium sized friendly program. Everyone is very nice and extremely helpful. I am happy to be in the KU Pediatrics family."
-- Wail Tfankji
A Kelm Program Size
""I chose KU Peds because of how well I got along with all the residents and faculty on my interview day. I could see how well everyone got along with each other and I knew that I’d be going through residency with a close knit group of supportive people."
-- -- Allek Kelm

Last modified: Jul 06, 2016