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KU Kids Healing Place provides the next step in care for youngsters with chronic or life-limiting diagnoses.

Meeting the child's needs

Being a kid with a chronic, life-limiting or life-threatening illness is not easy. Fatigue, medication side effects, and the disease process itself affect a child's family life, school work and social activities. During this time, kids and family need support, understanding and action. Excellent medical care is the first step; caring for the whole child and family, however, requires much more.

Relying on all the support systems

KU Kids Healing Place provides services for the child and family in all environments, including the child's home, school, day care, activities, etc. Care for the child and family is initiated at KU Medical Center and will follow the child to his/her community.

We provide training, education, and support to teachers, school nurses, clergy, coaches and other educators working with these children. Educators have indicated that the information has been central to helping children succeed in school.

The goals of the KU Kids Healing Place program are:

  • A partnership between the family and the child's primary health care professional
  • Relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Connections to supports and services to meet the non-medical and medical needs of the child and family
  • Respect for a family's cultural and religious beliefs
  • After hours and weekend access to medical consultation
  • Families who feel supported in caring for their child
  • Primary health care professionals coordinating care with a team of other care providers
  • Through this partnership, the primary health care professional can help the family/patient access and coordinate specialty care, educational services, in and out of home care, family support, and other public and private community services that are important to the overall health of the child/youth and family.

Last modified: Jun 18, 2012
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