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University of Kansas Hospital exterior

Our inpatient services center at the University of Kansas Hospital is a fully staffed inpatient unit dedicated to infants, children and adolescents that provides a high level of care in a friendly environment. The recently renovated unit features several amenities to make the stay more pleasant for you and your child. If you have special needs while your child is in the hospital at the University of Kansas Hospital, please let us know! We will do whatever we can to support both you and your child.

Your child will be safe here

The inpatient pediatric unit is a locked, secure unit. Only people with specific clearance and the visitors you have chosen are allowed on the unit. In addition, our pediatric unit includes board-certified pediatrician with extensive experience in managing the care of hospitalized infants, children and adolescents and will direct and coordinate your child's care.

  • Pediatric subspecialists are available to consult on complicated patients who need specialty care.
  • A pediatric resident physician is present on the inpatient unit 24 hours a day.
  • A child-life specialist and music therapist strive to make the hospital experience as pleasant as possible for children and their families.
  • Nurses are at the heart of our inpatient service, providing care, support and comfort to the children and their families. We have an outstanding group of nurses, some with over 20 years of pediatric experience. Given the special needs of all children, this type of nursing expertise is crucial for appropriate care of our patients.
  • A social worker and a discharge planner work with physicians and nurses to address any special needs and to plan for a successful discharge to home.
  • KU Kids Healing Place is a program that offers special services for your child with a chronic illness to help ensure that their growth and development continues normally. We care about the well-being of your whole child now, and in the future.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)

Our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) provides the expertise to treat children with a wide range of life-threatening conditions. Few hospitals have the staff and training necessary to maintain the level of readiness needed for critically ill children, and only an academic health center has the combination of research and care needed to find the treatments of tomorrow. Our providers constantly strive to go one step further for the best, most comprehensive care possible.

We provide the expertise and training necessary to treat children with a wide range of critical conditions, such as:

  • Apnea
  • Status asthmaticus
  • Near drowning
  • Cardiovascular instability
  • Head injuries
  • Trauma
  • Infection, sepsis, meningitis
  • Organ failure
  • Toxic ingestion, poisoning

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Neonatology is the care of critically ill and premature infants. Our physicians work in tandem with obstetricians, perinatologists, pediatric surgeons and other pediatric specialists to provide an unbroken chain of care for you and your infant. From the time you see your obstetric doctor, our team of specialists will work to provide you and your infant with the high level of care that you need.

Our physicians and staff are active in teaching, research, and participate in national research trials. This means that emerging treatments can be offered to our patients before they are widely available elsewhere.

The University of Kansas Hospital is one of a very few institutions in the Kansas City area where mothers of premature or critically ill infants can deliver, recover, and help care for their infant, without ever leaving the hospital. No matter what needs might arise, you will not need to be separated from your child. Our staff strive to ensure proper bonding between mother and infant, and encourage the same level of involvement with fathers also.

We welcome visits from family and friends, balancing the needs of quality medical care and the psychological well-being of the infant, parents and siblings. Quiet times are set aside during this crucial stage for parents to be with their infants.

Last modified: Aug 13, 2018