Faculty Development Committee

Committee Purpose, Duties and Process

The purpose of the Faculty Development Committee (FDC) is to assist pediatric faculty in developing their full potential in teaching, clinical service, research/scholarship, intramural/extramural service, and mentoring/leadership.

Members of the FDC will be appointed by the Chair of Pediatrics and may include faculty at any rank. The Chair of Pediatrics will appoint the Chair of the Faculty Development Committee. Terms of service for all committee members will be one year, with the potential for multiple years of service depending on the approval of the faculty serving on the committee and the Chair of Pediatrics

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  • Sponsoring 4 presentations or conferences specifically relating to faculty development each calendar year.
  • Insure that faculty are aware of and access resources provided by the Faculty Development Office of the School of Medicine.
  • Assist faculty in preparing for annual evaluations.
  • Develop ways to evaluate faculty progress in teaching, clinical service, research/scholarship, intramural/extramural service, and mentoring/leadership. 
  • Identify faculty needs and address as appropriate.
  • Assist faculty with work/life balance and other professional and personal development issues.

The FDC will meet once a month and meetings of the minutes will be submitted by the Chair of the FDC to the Chair of Pediatrics. The Chair of the FDC will report to the faculty on committee activities and recommendations during regularly scheduled faculty meetings.
July 24, 2012


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