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Post-Sophomore Fellowship (PSF)

Estafani Rivas, PSF, Graduation 2018

AY-2018 PSF Estafani Rivas (r) and Program Director
Rashna Madan (l) at Graduation, May 2018


Students desiring a very special opportunity to gain clinical and research experience in pathology should consider applying for the Post-Sophomore Fellowship (PSF) open each academic year in the department. One to two students will be selected and will be expected to perform rotations and duties similar to first-year residents in pathology. This will provide the student a unique avenue to expand his or her current knowledge base through hands-on experience in a hospital setting. One-half year of basic science laboratory research with departmental faculty may be available for qualifying students.

PSF Michael Burt, AY2016, USCAP poster
AY2016 PSF Michael Burt at USCAP, March, 2016

Students work closely with attending faculty and resident pathologists in gross and microscopic diagnoses, intraoperative consultations (frozen sections) and clinical pathology consultations. Students will also prepare case material for presentation at departmental and subspecialty conferences.

PSFs are provided a stipend and parking pass (yellow sticker).

Additional information regarding the application process is available from our assistant director of education either via e-mail or telephone (ext. 8-7192). Acceptance of applications is ongoing between the fall semester and January of each academic year prior to the assignment and must be submitted as original with signature in order to be accepted. Please include a current curriculum vitae, two (2) letters of support, sealed medical transcript, standard passport-sized photograph and letter of personal statement with the application. Selection is ongoing starting in December of each year and will be completed and processed through the School of Medicine’s Student Affairs prior to third year curriculum selection.

Letters of recommendation should be addressed to: Rashna Madan, MD, Associate Professor and Post-Sophomore Fellowship Program Director.

Download Post-Sophomore Fellowship application

Post-Sophomore Fellowship flyer

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