Research/Basic Science Overview

The Division of Cancer & Developmental Biology at the University of Kansas School of Medicine conducts basic science research with focal concentration in cancer biology, developmental biology and cell differentiation, stem cell biology and microbial and viral pathogenesis.

The Division of Cancer & Developmental Biology is experiencing significant growth, as detailed below:

  • External Funding - in 2004, $912,000 (NIH); in 2009, $3.5 million (NIH) and 0.7 million (private)
  • Basic Science Research Faculty - in 2004, 3 faculty (2 at Stowers); in 2009, 16 faculty (5 at Stowers)
  • Graduate Students - in 2004, 1 student; in 2009, 13 students (2 visiting, 3 at Stowers)
  • Postdoctoral Fellows (KUMC) - in 2004, 1 postdoctoral fellow; in 2009, 25 postdoctoral fellows
  • Laboratory Space (KUMC) - in 2004, 900 sq. ft.; in 2009, 12,000 sq. ft.

We support two education programs, both Graduate and Post-Doctorate.  The programs emphasize comprehensive training and experimental laboratory investigation, providing a solid foundation towards understanding the molecular basis of disease and fundamental mechanisms of cell growth and differentiation.

Our Research Seminar Series in Cancer & Developmental Biology sponsored with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, BIRCWH K-12 Program in Women's Health, the University of Kansas Cancer Center, the Institute of Maternal-Fetal Biology, and the Peter T. Bohan Fund provides an average of 25 nationally-recognized experts in basic science research to the KUMC and local community annually, emphasizing the Division's commitment to excellence in learning to all University strata.

Last modified: Dec 04, 2013
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