Recent Publications:

Rajendran, G., Dutta, D., Hong, J., Paul, A., Saha, B., Mahato, B., Ray, S., Home, P., Gangly, A., Weiss, M. L., and Paul, S. Inhibition of protein kinase C signaling maintains rat embryonic stem cell pluripotency (2013) J. Biol. Chem. 288(34):24351-62. (

Saha, B., Home, P, Ray, S., Pal, A., Larson, M., Rajendran, G., Behr, B., and Paul, S. (2013) EED and KDM6B Coordinate First Mammalian Cell Lineage Commitment to Ensure Embryo Implantation. Mol. Cell. Biol. 33(14): 2691-705, (

Saha, B.,  P. Home,  and  S. Paul   (2012) Reply to Sasaki et al.: TEAD4 is predominantly cytoplasmic in the inner cell mass of mouse blastocysts. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A,. 109: E3391-E3392. (

Home, P., Saha, B., Dutta, D., Ray, S., Pal, A., Gunewardena, S., Yoo, B., Vivian, J. L., Larson, M., Petroff, M., Gallagher, P. G., Schulz, V., White, K.L., Golos, T. G., Behr, B., and Paul, S. (2012) Altered Subcellular Localization of Transcription Factor TEAD4 Regulates First Mammalian Cell Lineage Commitment. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 109(19):7362-7. (

Hong J, He H, Bui P, Ryba-White B, Rumi MA, Soares MJ, Dutta D, Paul S, Kawamata M, Ochiya T, Ying QL, Rajanahalli P, Weiss ML. (2012) A focused microarray for screening rat embryonic stem cells. Stem Cells. Dev. 22:431-43

Dutta, D., Ray, S., Home, P., Larson, M., Wolfe M.W., and Paul, S. (2011) Self Renewal vs. Lineage Commitment of Embryonic Stem Cells: Protein Kinase C Signaling Shifts the Balance. STEM CELLS 29(4):618-28. (

Dutta, D., Ray, S., Home, P., Wang, S., Sheibani, N., Tawfik, O., Cheng, N., and Paul, S. Regulation of Angiogenesis by Histone Chaperone HIRA-Mediated Incorporation of Lysine 56-Acetylated Histone H3.3 at Chromatin Domains of Endothelial Genes. J. Biol. Chem. (285:41567-77)

Home, P., Ray, S., Dutta, D., Bronshteyn, I., Larson, M., and Paul, S. (2009) GATA3 is selectively expressed in the trophectoderm of peri-implantation embryo and directly regulates CDX2 gene expression. J. Biol. Chem.284: 28729-37

Ray, S., Dutta, D., Rumi, M., Canham, L., Soares, M. J., and Paul, S. (2009) Context-dependent function of regulatory elements and switch in chromatin occupancy between GATA3 and GATA2 regulate Gata2 trasncription during trophoblast differentiation. J. Biol. Chem. 284:4978-4988.

Dutta, D., Ray, S., Vivian, J. L., and Paul, S. (2008) Activation of the VEGFR1 chromatin domain: An angiogenic signal-ETS1/HIF-2alpha regulatory axis. J. Biol. Chem. 283:25404-25413.

Selected Prior Publications:

Pal, S., Wu, J., Murray, J. K., Gellman, S. H., Wozniak, M. A., Keely, P. J., Boyer, M. E., Gomez, T. M., Hasso, S. M., Fallon J. F., and Bresnick, E. H. (2006) An Anti-Angiogenic Neurokinin-B/Thromboxane A2 Regulatory Axis. J. Cell Biol. 174:1047-1058.

Grass, J. A., Jing, H., Kim, S. L., Martowicz, M. L., Pal, S., Blobel G. A., and Bresnick, E. H. (2006) Hematopoietic Regulation via GATA Factor Complexes Dispersed Over Broad Region of the GATA-2 Chromatin Domain. Mol. Cell Biol. 26:7056-7067.

Pal, S., Nemeth, M. J., Bodine, D., Miller, J. L., Svaren, J., Thein, S. L., Lowry, P. J., and Bresnick, E. H. (2004) Neurokinin-B transcription in erythroid cells: Direct activation by the hematopoietic transcription factor GATA-1. J. Biol. Chem. 279:31348-31356.

Pal, S, Cantor, A. B., Johnson, K. D., Moran, T. B., Boyer, M. E., Orkin, S. H. and Bresnick, E. H. (2004) Coregulator-dependent facilitation of chromatin occupancy by GATA-1. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 101: 980-985.

Grass, J. A., Boyer, M. E., Pal, S., Wu, J., Weiss, M. J., and Bresnick, E. H. (2003) GATA-1-dependent transcriptional repression of GATA-2 via disruption of positive autoregulation and domain-wide chromatin remodeling. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 100: 8811-8816.

Basu, A., Pal, S., Chowdhuri, S., Bhattacharya, A., Pal, D., Chattoraj, D.K., and DasGupta, C. (2003). Ribosome-DnaK interactions in relation to protein folding. Mol. Microbiol. 48: 1679-1692.

Sanyal, S.C., Pal, S., Chowdhury, S., and DasGupta, C. (2002) 23S rRNA-assisted folding of cytoplasmic malate dehydrogenase is distinctly different from its self-folding. Nucl. Acids Res. 30: 2390-2397.

Chowdhury, S., Pal, S., Ghosh, J., and DasGupta, C. (2002) Mutations in domain V of the 23S ribosomal RNAof Bacillus subtilis that inactivates its protein folding property in vitro. Nucl. Acids Res. 30: 1278-1285.

Pal, S., Chandra, S., Chowdhury, S., Sarkar, D., Ghosh, A.N., and DasGupta, C. (1999) Complementary role of two fragments of domain V of 23S ribosomal RNA in protein folding. J. Biol. Chem. 274: 32771-32777.

(The spelling of last name was "Pal" instead of "Paul" for earlier publications)

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