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Stephen Hyter, PhD

Senior Scientist
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

PhD - Molecular and Cellular Biology, Oregon State University, 2012
BS - History, University of Kansas, 2003

Research Focus

Ovarian cancer remains the deadliest gynecological cancer, with the majority of deaths occurring due to an advanced stage of disease. Therefore, new therapeutic targets are necessary to treat disease that is refractory to standard treatment. Using combinations of FDA-approved repurposed drugs for the treatment of epithelial ovarian cancer will provide cost effective therapies that can be ushered quickly to the patient population. Utilizing candidate drugs from a repurposing screen against ovarian cancer cell lines, we propose to evaluate novel combinatory therapies against clinical samples in a human xenograft model. Gene expression and mutational profiles from human ovarian tumors will be evaluated for predictive therapy response to the repurposed compounds.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018

Stephen Hyter, PhD, Senior Scientist


Stephen Hyter, PhD
Senior Scientist

Wahl Hall East, Room 4005

P: 913-945-6373
F: 913-945-6327