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Clinical Staff


Department Administration

  • Dr. Fang Fan, Barbara F. Atkinson, MD Endowed Professor and Interim Chair of Pathology;  5019 Delp Pavilion, (913) 588-7070, email:
  • Dr. Fred Plapp, Professor and Medical Director of Clinical Laboratory, University of Kansas Hospital, (913) 588-9218, e-mail:
  • Dr. Maura O'Neil, Associate Professor and Director of Anatomic Pathology, (913) 588-7103, email:
  • Brian Donawa, Pathology Senior Administrator, 5016 Delp Pavilion, Phone: (913) 588-7027, email:
  • Fax no: (913) 588-7073

University of Kansas Hospital Administration, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

  • Arda Peterson, Director
  • Janet Kliethermes, Assistant Director, Anatomic Pathology
  • Vicki Parsons, Assistant Director, Clinical Laboratories
  • Linda Riley, Supervisor
  • Paula Miller, Clinical Quality Assurance Manager
  • Laurie Wolf, Transfusion Service Manager
  • Dean Merkel, Stem Cell Manager
  • Lisa Muha, Limited Service Laboratories Manager
  • David Weroha, Lab Information Systems Manager

Quality, Accreditation and Compliance

CAP Activities

  • Dr. Lowell Tilzer, Professor, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • Dr. Janet Woodroof, Associate Professor and Medical Director, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Laboratory Improvement

  • Paula Miller, Quality Manager

Anatomic and Core Pathology Services

Anatomic Records

  • To be assigned

Surgical Pathology Transcription

  • Kathy Willis, Transcriptionist, 1612 Hospital, 588-1180
  • Marvette Bell, Laboratory Customer Service Representative, 1612 Hospital, 588-1253
  • Fax no: 588-8780


  • Mark Myers, Coordinator and Supervisor, B508 Hospital, 588-7272,
  • Todd Williams, Technician
  • Patricia Jefferson, Transcriptionist
  • Technician on call, Pager 6072
  • FAX no: 588-7274

Brain and Tissue Bank

  • Dr. Kathy Newell, Supervisor

Cytopathology and FNA

  • Dr. Fang Fan, Medical Director, 1599 Hospital, 588-1175, email:
  • Heather Gallahger-Nelson, Cytology Supervisor, 588-1175
  • Susan Dillon, Cytotechnologist
  • Shellie Vadnais, Cytotechnologist
  • Courtney Robinson, Cytotechnologist

Laboratory Information Systems

  • David Weroha, LIS Manager, 1434 Hospital, 588-1786, email:
  • Bill Justice, LIS Systems Administrator
  • Kelli Johnson, LIS Analyst
  • Mike Martin, LIS Analyst
  • Craig Morey, LIS Analyst
  • Julian Rivette, LIS Support Specialist
  • James Wilhite, LIS Support Specialist
  • Fred Rojas, Laboratory Billing Compliance Analyst

Electron Microscopy

  • Dr. Ivan Damjanov
  • Steve Jones

Experimental and Prognostic Immunohistochemistry

  • Marsha Danley, UPA Director of Immunohistochemistry


  • Kelly Johnson, Histology Supervisor

Image Analysis and Automated Cell Imaging System

  • Marilyn Davis, Director

Molecular Pathology/Diagnostics

  • Dr. Lowell Tilzer, Medical Director
  • Denise Lydick, Technical Supervisor
  • Melissa Larson, Medical Technologist
  • Ayesha Ahmed, Medical Technologist

Surgical Pathology

  • Dr. Maura F. O'Neil, Director of Anatomic Pathology

Kansas City VAMC

  • Fax no: 816-498-3601

Laboratory Medicine Services

  • Dr. Fred Plapp, Medical Director


  • Dr. Fred Plapp, Medical Director
  • Dave Klippel, Medical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor
  • Kelsey Grist, Special Chemistry, Medical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor
  • Ruth Cordell, Point of Care Testing, Medical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor


  • Dr. Shivani Golem, Director, Cytogenetics Laboratory
  • Dr. Patrick R. Gonzales, Co-Director, Cytogenetics Laboratory
  • Jenny Ragona, Cytogenetics Supervisor

Hematopathology and Flow Cytometry

  • Dr. Mark Cunningham, Medical Director
  • Julie Guess, Medical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor

Transfusion Services

  • Dr. Lowell Tilzer, Medical Director
  • Laurie Wolf, Interim Transfusion Service Manager

Medical Microbiology

  • Dr. Rachael Liesman, Director
  • Tracie Lewis, Medical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor

Pathology Consultative & Outreach Services

  • Renal Pathology Faculty:
    • Dr. Da Zhang
    • Dr. Timothy Fields

Last modified: Jan 02, 2019