Dissertation Defense, 16 April 2018 

Miranda Machacek, "Elevated O-GlcNAcylatation Enhances Pro-Inflammatory Th17 Function by Altering the Lipid Microenvironment" (flyer)

Grand Rounds AY-2018 Series

April 9, 2018: "Value of Next Generation Sequencing for Oncology: Selection of Targeted Therapies," Stephen Lyle, MD, PhD, Vice President, Clinical Services and Laboratory Director, KEW, Inc., Cambridge, MA

All events held in Lied Auditorium, G-032 Lied on the KUMC Kansas City Campus from 12:00 noon to 1 pm on the first Monday of the month unless otherwise indicated

14 Aug 2017 Topic: Renal Biopsy in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: Don't Jump to Conclusions! David N. Howell, MD, PhD
Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, NC
2 Oct 2017 Topic: Breast cancer biomarkers: review and update Zaibo Li, MD, PhD, MBA
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
Ohio State  University Wexner Medical Center, Columbus, OH
6 Nov 2017 Topic: Pathology Education in the ACE Curriculum Sharad Mathur, MD
Professor and Associate Director, Residency Program, KUMC Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Chief of Staff, VA Medical Center Pathology, Kansas City, MO
4 Dec 2017 Topic: Management of Bleeding in Trauma and Surgery Timothy Hannon, MD, MBA 
Healthcare Forward LLC
Indianapolis, IN
5 Feb 2018 Topic: The 2016 Revision of the WHO Classification of Central Nervous System Tumors: Major Changes, Their Clinical Importance and Implications for the Practice of Surgical Pathology in the Near Future Douglas C. Miller, MD, PhD
Clinical Professor, Department of Pathology & Anatomical Sciences
University of Missouri School of Medicine, Columbia, MO
9 April 2018 Topic: Value of Next Generation Sequencing for Oncology: Selection of Targeted Therapies Stephen Lyle, MD, PhD
Vice President, Clinical Services and Laboratory Director
KEW, Inc.
Boston, MA
7 May 2018 Topic: Ovarian Tumorigenesis: Comprehensive Cancer Development with emphasis on gynecologic malignancies Ronny Drapkin, MD, PhD
Director, Penn Ovarian Cancer Research Center
Associate Professor, Pathology in Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology
Perelman School of Medicine
The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
4 June 2018 Topic: Genitourinary Pathology (TBD) Hikmat A. Al-Ahmadie, MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
New York City, NY

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