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2017 Center for Viral Pathogenesis Research Symposium

Wednesday, November 29, 2017
8:00 am - 4:00 pm
University of Kansas Medical Center
Health Education Building (HEB) G201

Symposium Proceedings (pdf)

Press Release




"Newly created Center for Viral Pathogenesis convenes researchers for collaboration"


Click here to see presentation abstracts.

Kevin Ault, MD - University of Kansas Medical Center
Nicholas Wallace, PhD - Kansas State University
"High Risk α-Papillomavirus Oncogenes Induce Aberrant Translesion Synthesis"

Rollie Clem, PhD  - Kansas State University
"Unraveling the Arbovirus Midgut Escape Barrier in Mosquito Vectors"

A. Sally Davis, DVM, PhD- Kansas State University
"Viral Pathogenesis through the Lens of an Investigative Veterinary Pathologist"

Brandon DeKosky, PhD - University of Kansas - Lawrence
"High-Throughput Characterization of Anti-Viral Human Antibody Responses"

Navneet Dhillon, PhD - University of Kansas Medical Center
"HIV-1, Illicit Drugs and Pulmonary Vascular Remodeling"

Ying Fang, PhD - Kansas State University
"A Naturally Occurring Cross Order Recombinant of Enterovirus and Torovirus"

William Groutas, PhD - Wichita State University
"Drug Discovery and Development of Antiviral Therapeutics"

Ferdaus Hassan, PhD - Children's Mercy Hospital
"Host-Response to Enterovirus-D68 infection in Children: From Bench-to-Bed Side"

Maria Kalamvoki, PhD - University of Kansas Medical Center
"Strategies that HSV-1 has Evolved to Counteract Host Antiviral Responses"

Carole McArthur, MD, PhD - University of Missouri - Kansas City
"20 years of HIV-related Bioprospecting on the African Continent"

Christophe Nicot, PhD - University of Kansas Medical Center
"Human T-cell Leukemia Virus Type I (HTLV-I): 35 Years Later

Andrew Townsend Peterson, PhD - University of Kansas - Lawrence
"Ecology and Geography of Transmission of Viral Diseases"

Juergen Richt, DVM, PhD - Kansas State University
Jean-Paul J. Gonzalez, MD, PhD - Kansas State University
"Research Progress at the Center of Excellence for Emerging and Zoonotic Animal Diseases"

Rangaraj Selvarangan, PhD  - Children's Mercy Hospital
"Human Parechovirus Central Nervous System Infection in Children"


For non-faculty (postdocs, students, etc):

The CVP Trainee Research Award will be presented to a student or postdoctoral fellow for a research project in the field of viral pathogenesis. The awardee will be announced at the symposium and presented with a certificate and cash award (amount to be determined annually).

2017 - Ramona Moles, "Targeting the WRN helicase as a novel therapeutic strategy for Adult T-cell Leukemia"

For faculty:

The Narayan Research Award, in honor of Dr. Opendra "Bill" Narayan, will be awarded to a faculty member who has had an outstanding contribution to the field of viral pathogenesis.

2017 - Dr. A. Townsend Peterson, University of Kansas - Lawrence, for his work on viral disease transmission risk mapping.

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