Post-Graduate Year 5

resident in surgeryPGY-5 residents are responsible for being the chief residents on the KUMC Blue and Red Teams as well as the VAMC Otolaryngology Service. The chief resident is responsible for maintaining the highest standards of care while supervising all hospitalized OTOHNS patients, ER patients, and inpatient consults.

Surgically, the chief resident participates in the most complex procedures including major head and neck/reconstructive operations, skull-based procedures, facial plastic procedures, phonosurgery, and neurotology cases. Chiefs are responsible for scheduling OTOHNS resident OR assignments for their Team. Under the Program Director's supervision, they assure even distribution of surgical case types throughout the residency to allow uniform development of resident surgical skills.

At KUMC, chief residents participate in one day of subspecialty clinic per week. This allows chief residents to gain in-depth outpatient experience in the different subspecialties and provides continuity of patient care.

At the VAMC, chief residents run the outpatient and inpatient Otolaryngology Service with faculty guidance. The VAMC rotation consists of three days in the clinic and two days in the operating room. In the OR, the chief residents are involved in head and neck cancer surgical planning, the primary excision, and the reconstructive portions of the operation. Chief residents also actively participate in complex otology, rhinology, and facial plastic operations. Chief residents are also responsible for leading junior residents through portions of cases.

All chief residents attend the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery Annual Meeting in September and are the guests of honor at the departmental Alumni Day graduation dinner in June.

Last modified: Jul 05, 2017