Resident Benefits

residentsThe OTOHNS Department has a variety of resources available to residents; such as, excellent computer facilities, books, loupes, and funds for resident travel to conferences. Residents have two shared rooms within the department equipped with desks, phones, and computers. The OTOHNS team has a dedicated call room and hospital procedure/treatment room. This treatment room is stocked with a microscope and endoscopes for performing inpatient consultation exams and procedures, minimizing the need to transport patients to the outpatient clinical area. A portable Cobra endoscope and exam cart is available for ICU consultations and exams.

The Medical Office Building at KUMC has twenty-one exam rooms; three procedure rooms with microscopes, endoscopes and video towers; a Facial Plastics suite; and two minor operating rooms. Adjacent audiology, vestibular, and voice laboratories are also available for patient evaluation and treatment. The outpatient clinic is staffed with several nurses, physician assistants, and a patient care coordinator. 

The  KUMC computer network provides email and Internet access, as well as access to library's medical literature database. Facilities for image analysis and graphics are supplemented by extensive multimedia facilities, including a large format poster printer in the MRRC.

Last modified: Aug 25, 2016