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VideoEndoscopy2018 Stenosis2018 NCDB0218
SVT2018 CSF2018 EIC2018
CNP2018 HPVSCCA2018 VoiceTherapy2018
VLOR2018 Zenkers2018 RFFF2018
MST2018 HPVSCCA2018 PedsEars2018
RFFF2018 Mastoidectomy2018 OtoMatch2018
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Research Posters

Evaluating the
Characteristics of
Central Nasal Polyposis
Management of Epidermal
Inclusion Cyst within a Diploic
Space: A Case Report
Pre-Op Imaging & Intrathecal
Fluorescein in Management
of CSF Rhinorrhea
Impact of Video Nasal
Endoscopy on
Patient Satisfaction
CNP2018 EIC2018 CSF2018 VideoEndoscopy2018

Social Health Determinants
Associated with Advanced
Stage Presentation in Oral
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Calcified Subglottic Scar
Band Secondary to
Remote Trauma:
A Case Study
Overexpression of
Homologous Repair
Proteins in HPV Positive
Head & Neck SCCA
Using Word Clouds to
Re-Envision Letters of
Recommendation for
Residency Applicants
NCDB2018 Stenosis2018 HPVSCCA2018 VLOR2018

Correlation between Voice
Therapy Compliance and
Response to Voice Handicap
Index Questions
Utility of Postoperative
Esophageal Manometry
in Patients with
Zenker's Diverticula
VoiceTherapy2018 Zenkers2018

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