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Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare Delivery

Patients, providers, and researchers exist in a complex system that can create barriers to care that negatively impact health outcomes.  The best treatment plan, even when supported by the highest level of evidence can fail to provide patients with ideal outcomes if access, quality, or cost prevent it from being implemented in an ideal model. We are working to identify barriers in both domestic and international healthcare systems that prevent effective treatments from reaching their potential because of systematic or delivery model failures.

Our team also utilizes large national datasets to examine research questions such as geographic variability or health disparities on a national scale looking for trends and opportunities for improvements in care related to otolaryngology as it is performed in the United States.

  • Improving the Coordination of Cancer Care from Surgery to Surveillance
  • Electronic Medical Record Documentation and Provider Satisfaction
  • Multiple projects utilizing the following databases: SEER, NIS HCUP, NCDB, and NSQIP

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018
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