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Patient Resources

This page is intended for use as a general resource and is updated as materials become available. For specific information regarding your individual case, please schedule an appointment with the appropriate physician or clinic. See the Clinical Specialities listing for specialty areas and associated clinicians.


Facial Plastic Surgery

Hearing and Balance Disorders

Thyroid and Parathyroid

Voice and Swallow Disorders

Other sites of interest

Last modified: Aug 13, 2019
Educational Videos

Video of Stroboscopy
Video: Stroboscopy to Examine Larynx

Video for Total Laryngectomy Education
Video: Total Laryngectomy to Remove Larynx

Video of TransNasal Esophagoscopy
Video: TransNasal Esaphogoscopy to Examine Esophagus

PH Probe Video
Video: DX-PH Measurement System

Head & Neck Surgery Videos

Video of DaVinci Surgical Robot for Transoral Cancer Removal
Video: Surgical Robot for Transoral Cancer Removal

Video of Stage III Head and Neck Cancer Survivor
Video: Inspiration from a Head & Neck Cancer Survivor