Conferences and Curriculum

Type of ConferenceFrequencyRole of Fellow
Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Tumor Board Weekly Present and discuss patient management
Thyroid Tumor Board Once a month Present and discuss patient management
Monday Teaching Conference Once a week Give two lectures or Grand Rounds per year and attend H&N related lectures
Head and Neck Journal Club Twice a year Discuss current H&N articles
Head and Neck Radiology Conference (Presented by Radiology faculty member) Every 2-3 months Learn, participate in discussing pathology cases
Hard Tissue Course (Presented by AO teaching faculty) Biannual 2-day conference Learn principles of maxillofacial trauma and repair, supervise residents during hands-on exercises
Winter Conference, Colorado Annual 3-day conference retreat Learn about Core Competencies, attend lectures by invited speakers
Alumni Day Research Conference
Annual one-day conference Present a research project, attend other lectures and presentations

Last modified: Jul 16, 2014