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Sarah, Grateful Patient of Dr. David Kriet


I have had a bump on the bridge of my nose for as long as I can remember and I had always told myself that when I got older I would do something about.  So a few years ago I began doing my research, googling plastic surgeons in Kansas City, which is how I found Dr. Kriet.  I liked the fact that he specialized in noses and he had free consultations.  At my fist consultation, he explained the entire process, and after saving my money I scheduled another consultation and my rhinoplasty appointment for the Thursday before Thanksgiving in 2008.

Dr. Kriet and his nurse Becky were wonderful in preparing me for the surgery.  Giving me prescriptions to get my medications the week before, they went so far as to ensure that I had help for the days following the surgery and the follow up after the surgery. Although the first 5 days following surgery weren't the best, as this was the first major surgery I ever had, it was certainly worth it.  I had a several friends scheduled to come and take care of me, since it isn't recommended that you not be by yourself for the first 48 hours. It is also VERY important to ice your nose after surgery. I had frozen, square gauze pads, a few days before surgery so they were ready to go.  I had a hard time keeping them on as I tried to sleep so my sister and my friend came up with the brilliant idea to put the frozen gauze pad in a zip lock bag and tape it to my face.  It wasn't pretty but it worked.

When I went in for my first follow up appointment, 5 days after the surgery, Dr. Kriet took the nose cast off.  I had very little bruising, I wasn't in any pain and my nose looked great! I can now breathe through my nose much more easily, I can smell much better and I have not had a sinus infection since my surgery. This last benefit has had the greatest impact on my life, as prior to my surgery I would get a sinus infection at least two to three times per year. I went into the procedure simply thinking of how much better my nose would look, which it does, but honestly being able to breathe and smell so much easier far out weighs the appearance of my nose. I can notice the change in my nose but most other people don't.  My nose wasn't that bad to begin with but I wanted to do the surgery for myself and I'm SO happy I did!  I am EXTREMELY happy with the results!!

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018