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Carol, Grateful Patient to Dr. Terry Tsue


I want to express my gratitude for the care I received by Dr. Tsue a little over a year ago. Having been diagnosed with Grave's Disease the Fall of 2009 I was presented with a choice in treatment, between radioactive ablation vs. surgery. I choose the latter. That was when I was referred to Dr. Tsue by another doctor, Dr. Kuruvilla. I like and trusted this new doctor from our first meeting. When Dr. Tsue performed a partial thyroidectomy papillary cancer was found in the right lobe and had come into contact with my recurrent laryngeal nerve. Dr. Tsue took a conservative approach in removing as much of the tumor as possible from the nerve, making sure that my husband was informed of the steps performed during the procedure. His words to my husband were comforting and reassuring as he pointed out the seriousness of my situation without making it frightening. I enjoy the irony of Dr. Tsue ministering to my husband, who is a minister himself.

My husband and I appreciated Dr. Tsue's great bedside manner. He is very personable and straightforward when he talked to us regarding his findings after surgery. He has a wonderful sense of humor, and put me at ease by joking with me in the holding room the day of my first surgery. Both doctors believed that it was Divine Intervention that caused me to make the right decision by choosing surgery to treat this disease, as had I not decided on surgery the cancer would not have been discovered. I am grateful to God for putting all of my doctors in my life (Dr. Barry Nickell, Dr. Anita Kuruvilla and Dr. Terrance Tsue) for the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. All three of my doctors were instrumental in my care. However, it was Dr. Tsue who was at 'ground zero' when the incidental cancer diagnosis was made.

Dr. Kuruvilla and Dr. Tsue decided to wait 4-6months before the left lobe was removed. By the end of May 2010 my laryngeal nerve had healed. My voice was nearly back to normal. I had the left lobe of my thyroid removed June 1,2010. I was so relieved to still have a voice afterwards; quite unlike the first procedure. During that time, I went from a whisper to a husky voice. My husband thought my husky voice was sexy. Fortunately, there was no cancer in the left lobe or in the regional lymph nodes. There was no evidence of disease following RAI and a total body scan. As a cancer registrar, I was so relieved to hear that news! About 1 week following my second surgery, I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Tsue called me at home to check on my progress. That gesture shows the compassion he has for his patients. The University of Kansas Medical Center is very fortunate to have Dr. Tsue on staff. He is an excellent doctor as well as a good television actor. God bless you Dr. Tsue.

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018