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Advancement Board

Advancement Board
On February 25, 2009 the creation of an advancement board for the Department of Otolaryngology came to fruition. The Charter members included alumni Dr. Oscar Pinsker and Dr. Mike Franklin, Julie Veatch, Steve Patton, Jari Buck, Pat Gaunce, and Dr. David Zamierowski. This group was established due to a variety of interests and associations to the Department, ranging from resident education to grateful patient appreciation. Under the direction of our Chairman, Dr. Doug Girod, the involvement of this board was instrumental in the success of many external outreach programs related to the Department. In 2012, new members were added to the board and the Department welcomes their support and is extremely grateful for their efforts as they continue to work as mini ambassadors promoting all aspects of our clinical, research and educational programs.

KU Otolaryngology Advancement BoardFront row (left to right): Dr. William Mangum, Mrs. Pat Gaunce, Dr. Doug Girod ( Chairman), Mr. Steve Patton
Middle row: Ms.Julie Powell, Dr. Dianne Durham, Dr. Kelly Toombs
Back row: Dr. Mike Franklin, Mr. Sam Sails, Dr. Hinrich Staecker

ADVANCEMENT BOARD MEMBERS, 2009-2011 Advancement Board group photoSeated (left to right): Mrs. Pat Gaunce, Dr. Mike Franklin, Dr.Mary Zamierowski
Standing: Chairman Dr. Doug Girod, Mr. Steve Patton, Dr. Julie Veatch, Dr. Dianne Durham, Dr. Terry Tsue,
Mrs. Jari Buck, Dr. David Zamierowski. Not pictured: Dr. Oscar Pinsker

Last modified: Sep 28, 2018