Nursing Staff

Angelique Anderson, RN

Angelique Anderson, LPN
Nurse for Dr. Clint Humphrey 
and Dr. J. David Kreit

Kendra Ford, RN

Kendra Ford, RN
Nurse for Dr. Shannon Kraft

Dorothy Austin

Dorothy Austin, RN
Cancer Care Coordinator


Cathy Ginther

Cathy Ginther, RN
Nurse for Dr. Keith Sale

Stephanie Billaci, RN

Stephanie Billaci, RN
Nurse for Dr. Ann Robinson 
and Dr. Lynn Roh 



Kara McCall, RN
Nurse for Dr. Kiran Kakarala



Peggy Bowles

Peggy Bowles, RN
Nurse for Dr. Carrie Francis

Ana Newell, RN
Nurse for Dr. Lisa Shnayder

Judy Brown

Judy Brown, RN
Nurse for Dr. David Garnett


Melissa Smith, RN
Nurse for Dr. Hinrich Staecker
and Dr. James Lin

Marilyn Cotsworth

Marilyn Cotsworth, LPN
Nurse for Dr. Larry Hoover
and Dr. Dan Bruegger


J.T. Wiles, RN
Nurse for Dr. David Beahm

Megan Dadkhah, RN
Nurse for Dr. Gregory Ator
and Dr. Christopher Larsen





L Litmixay

Lucy Litmixay
Surgery Coordinator

Michelle Young

Michelle Young
Surgery Coordinator

Last modified: Jul 15, 2014