KU Voice and Swallow Center

KU VOICE AND SWALLOW CENTER TEAM Back row (left to right): Dr. Shannon Kraft and Dr. Dave Garnett
Front row: Mrs. Cheryl Cramer, Mrs. Jessica Sullivan, Ms. Kelli Williams, Mrs. Lisa Kelley, Mrs. Lynn Hawk, and Mrs. Sharlene (Charlie) Dean


"Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning."
- Maya Angelou

"What I miss is the society. Lunch and dinner are the two occasions when we most easily meet with friends and family. They're the first way we experience places far from home. Where we sit to regard the passing parade. How we learn indirectly of other cultures. When we feel good together. Meals are when we get a lot of our talking done -- probably most of our recreational talking. That's what I miss."
- Roger Ebert on Swallowing Disorders

Established in 1991, the KU Voice and Swallow Center at the University of Kansas Medical Center is a multidisciplinary group which has helped hundreds of adults and children with the diagnosis and treatment of voice and swallowing disorders. We understand that vocal expression and the pleasure of normal eating and drinking are highly impactful on a person's quality of life. We are trained to improve and restore voice and swallow function. Equally as vital is our work with the community to improve education and prevention of voice and swallowing disorders.


Last modified: Aug 29, 2016