Neurotology, Lateral Skull Base, Hearing and Balance Disorders


Hinrich Staecker, MD, PhD

James Lin, MD

Gregory A. Ator, MD, FACS

The Division of Otology and Neurotology consists of Otolaryngologists with fellowship training specifically for the management of Hearing and Balance Disorders. These surgeons work closely with a dedicated team of Audiologists and Speech Pathologists to provide a comprehensive approach to management of all aspects of hearing and balance problems. State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and techniques are available to aid in the evaluation and treatment of hearing loss of all types, chronic ear infections and cholesteotoma, and tumors of the inner ear and nerves.

Rehabilitation of hearing loss includes hearing aids (analog, digital, implantable, in the ear and behind the ear) and cochlear implants for children and adults. Evaluation and management of dizziness and vertigo includes the most modern and comprehensive Vestibular Testing laboratory in the region. This involves caloric testing, electronystagmography, rotary chair and platform posturography testing. The team also works to direct appropriate vestibular rehabilitation programs when indicated.

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