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On behalf of the faculty, residents, and staff of the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at KU, I welcome you to our website.  We are proud of our history and look forward to continued growth.  Our goal is to be among the nation's leaders in innovative and patient-centric care, research and education in Otolaryngology.  Soon, we will be expanding into a new, state-of-the-art building designed specifically for Otolaryngology, Neurosciences, and Surgical Oncology.  Our faculty come from all over the country and are recognized leaders in their subspecialties.  Whether it be sinus surgery, head and neck cancer, care of the voice, pediatric care, allergy treatments, or hearing loss surgery, all of our providers share the same principles.  Patient satisfaction is as important to us as our treatment outcomes, and our faculty and staff recognize the great sacrifices many of our patients undergo to come to Kansas City for their treatment.   

Our educational program is the heart and soul of our Department, and we continue to run the largest Otolaryngology residency program in the heartland.  We are strong believers in the importance of culture and mentorship and are designing formal programs to optimize the learner environment.  A sense of community has always been the backbone of the Department, as we partner with foundations to send our trainees and faculty on yearly medical mission trips abroad and participate in outreach focused on our local community.  In November, we are hosting a 3-day CME event, Emerging In-Office and Operative Techniques in Otolaryngology: Application 2 Reimbursement.  This novel course will explore recent developments in ENT, and how they affect our practices within changing healthcare reimbursement models.

Our research endeavors continue to grow, from investigating the role of fibroblasts in head and neck cancer to leading the world's first gene therapy trial for hearing loss.  We are clinician scientists as well, running clinical trials and outcomes research in the study of sinusitis, laryngopharyngeal reflux, tinnitus, and head and neck cancer.  We have a particular interest in healthcare delivery and patient education and hold a firm belief that the best of treatments fall short if we are not properly communicating and helping our patients understand that we are partners in their care. 

Our desire to innovate goes beyond clinical Otolaryngology, as our faculty are active in the areas of global health, education and change management.  We are actively collaborating with multiple departments at KU, including the business and engineering schools.  This summer, we are celebrating the selection of our former chair and current faculty member Doug Girod, M.D., F.A.C.S to be the 18th Chancellor of the University of Kansas.  That level of service and leadership permeates through our department.  Our faculty hold key leadership positions in Otolaryngology national associations as well as throughout the KU School of Medicine, Health System, and Cancer Center.  Our service activities demonstrate the passion and commitment we have to our organization and field.

Kansas City, with its professional sports teams, wide-ranging cultural activities, and vibrant restaurant and nightlife, is often referred to as a "hidden gem".  We agree, and believe the same can be said of our Department.  Thank you for connecting with us!

Alexander Chiu, M.D.
Russell E. Bridwell, M.D. Endowed Chairman and Professor

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Last modified: Sep 26, 2017