External Scholarships

External Scholarships

Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program - The Air Force offers Health Professions Scholarships for three and four year periods. The scholarship pays for full tuition, required fees, textbooks, small equipment and related supplies. Recipients also receive more than a monthly allowance for living expenses. The Air Force also offers financial incentives allowing you to complete residency training at your current hospital.  For more information, visit www.airforce.com  or contact Technical Sergeant Greg Reyes at greg.reyes@us.af.mil.

The American Medical Association (AMA) Foundation's Seed Grant Research Program provides one-year grants of up to $2,500 to medical students, residents, and fellows to help them conduct small basic science, applied, or clinical research projects.  Grants will be awarded for research projects in cardiovascular/pulmonary diseases and pancreatic cancer. The application deadline is early DecemberWebsite: www.amafoundation.org/go/seedgrants.

American Medical Resource Institute (AMRI) Scholarship -  American Medical Resource Institute (AMRI) is proud to announce its new, annual scholarship program for students pursuing a career in the healthcare industry. This includes nurses, EMTs, physicians, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals. One applicant will be awarded $2,000 for completing a 2000-word essay covering one of two healthcare topics. A winner will be chosen on merit.  Deadline is late December.  For more information, visit www.aclsonline.us/scholarship/

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Scholarships - These awards are in the amount of up to $5,000 annually for up to four years, with a maximum of $20,000 total. Awards are available only in consecutive four-year increments. It is only necessary to submit one application for consideration for any award in this group.  DAR chapter sponsorship is not required; however, if you would like to include a sponsorship letter, contact Jane Hursh, Scholarship Chairman, Shawnee Mission Chapter DAR at jhursh@kc.surewest.net .  Application deadline is February 10. Application and Financial Need Form available at dar.org/natsociety/edout_scholar.cfm.   

1. Alice W. Rooke Scholarship - The Alice W. Rooke Scholarship is awarded to students who have been accepted into or are pursuing an approved course of study to become a medical doctor (no pre-med) at an approved, accredited medical school.  Renewal is conditional upon maintenance of a GPA of 3.25.

2. Dr. Francis Anthony Beneventi Medical Scholarship - The Dr. Francis Anthony Beneventi Medical scholarship is a preferred amount up to $5000 awarded to students who have been accepted into or who are pursing an approved course of study to become a medical doctor (no pre-med) at an approved, accredited medical school, college of university. The applicant must have a minimum GPA of 3.25. The scholarship is not automatically renewable; however, recipients may reapply for consideration each year for up to four consecutive years.

3. Irene and Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarship - The Irene and Daisy MacGregor Memorial Scholarship is awarded to students of high scholastic standing and character who have been accepted into or are pursuing an approved course of study to become a medical doctor (no pre-med) at an approved, accredited medical school.  Renewal is conditional upon maintenance of a GPA of 3.25.  There is a preference to females "if equally qualified".

AMWA Medical Education Scholarships -  The American Medical Women's Association awards four $500 scholarships to women currently enrolled in medical school. Awardees will be chosen based on the embodiment of the goals of AMWA.  Financial need, though not a requirement, is also considered. Applications are accepted at two different times during the year (see website for specific dates). Website: www.amwa-doc.org/students/awards/medical-education-scholarship/

Army's Health Professions Scholarship Program - The Army offers one of the most generous and comprehensive scholarships in the health care field. It's called the F. Edward Herbert Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP, for short). If you qualify, you could earn a full-tuition scholarship, plus a monthly allowance through the Army's HPSP.
Scholarship Eligibility: Be a citizen of the United States; Meet eligibility criteria for appointment as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army Reserve; Maintain full-time student status during the entire length of the program. What does the Army pay for?
Tuition: You select the school, obtain acceptance, and apply for the scholarship. If selected, 100% tuition is paid to any accredited professional school in the United States or Puerto Rico.
Books/ Fees/ Reimbursable: The Army will pay for required books, rental of non-expendable equipment, and most academic fees.
Monthly Stipend: A generous monthly stipend of more than $2000 will be provided for ten and one-half months of each school year.
Army Officer Pay: For the remaining six weeks of the school year, you will receive the full pay and allowances offered a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve. After graduation and entrance on active duty, you'll be promoted to Captain, which means more pay. Your salary will increase through the years with promotions, time in service, and annual cost of living increases. You'll also receive a monthly non-taxable allowance for your food and housing.

For more information contact Sergeant Matthew Bray at matthew.t.bray4.mil@mail.mil or at 913-469-1702 and check out the web at www.goarmy.com/amedd.

Arthur Miller Scholarship - Bank of America, N.A.. The Arthur M. Miller Fund is a fund that has been established for charitable, scientific or educational purposes. Grants can be given to worthy persons studying or practicing in medical or allied fields leading to an accredited degree programs for registered nurses and medical doctors (Osteopaths, Naturopaths, Podiatrists, Chiropractors and Optometrists are specifically excluded from the definition of medical doctors). No immediate family member of the Advisory Committee or of any employee of Bank of America, N.A is eligible for this fund. Candidates will be selected based upon financial need and general character. Deadline is late March - early April. Application and additional information.

 Application and additional information.

C.E. Boudreau Scholarship - Administered by Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital.  For medical students who graduate from a Butler County High School.  List of detailed information required:  Current financial status and current/future financial obligations.  Detailed information regarding the use of money required.  Statement of specific amount of money requested which should be supported by above statement.  Submit information to: Susan B. Allen Memorial Hospital, Attn: Francia Bird, 720 West Central Avenue, El Dorado, KS 67042-2144, (316) 322-4567.   If desired formal letters of request may be attached to emails sent to fbird@sbamh.org. Application deadline: June 30.

Chinese American Physicians Society - CAPS is offering five scholarships of $2000 to $4000 to needy students in United States medical schools. The CAPS Schlolarships are open to all medical students in need of financial aid regardless of their hometown, sex, race, or color. The applicants are judged according to their academic achievements, financial needs, community service records and their views on the practice of medicine as expressed in their essays. The deadline to apply is usually at the end of February. Website: www.caps-ca.org.

Chinese American Medical Society Scholarship- The Chinese American Medical Society offers 3 to 5 scholarships yearly to first, second or third year medical and/or dental students and scientists to promote the scientific association of medical professionals of Chinese descent.  Deadline to apply is late AprilWebsite: chineseamericanmedicalsociety.cloverpad.org/Default.aspx?pageID=1070535.   

ESA Foundation Scholarships - ESA Foundation is a nonprofit organization pledged to develop philanthropic activities of volunteers, provide assistance to established programs that serve human needs and provide new programs to improve the quality of life.  The organization awards more than 100 scholarships and grants nationwide, including about 35 in Kansas and 38 in Missouri.  Application deadline is early-FebruaryWebsite:  www.epsilonsigmaalpha.org/scholarships-and-grants.   

Executive Women International Adult Students in Scholastic Transition Scholarship(ASIST) - The ASIST Scholarship Program helps provide financial support to adult students in a variety of transitional situations.  Available to adults facing economic, social, or physical challenges, who are looking to improve their situation through education.  Website: ewiconnect.com/?page_id=3949  Deadline is in April.

Hays Memorial Scholarship - Medical students who are natives of Johnson County, Miami County, Franklin or Lynn County and are currently enrolled in an accredited medical school are invited to apply for the annual Hays Scholarship sponsored by the physicians/medical staff of Olathe Medical Center. This scholarship will be presented to one medical student per year, in remembrance of the late Dr. Larry V. Hays, a former Olathe Surgeon. The recipient of this award will be recognized as an exceptional scholar in the community and will be awarded a $1,000 stipend in order to assist with educational expenses. The Scholarship Committee will consider medical students who have achieved an outstanding academic and leadership record. Deadline to apply is late March. Website: www.olathehealth.org/Careers/Healthcare-Career-Scholarships.

Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF)- HSF General Scholarships are designed to assist students of Hispanic heritage in obtaining a college degree.  Scholarships are available to high school seniors, undergraduate students and graduate students.  Award amounts range from $500 to $5,000.  Website: www.hsf.net/innercontent.aspx?id=460. 

Indian Health Service Scholarship - The Health Professions Scholarship Program under the Indian Health Service Scholarship is for American Indian and Alaska Native students, who are members of their Tribe (federally recognized only), enrolled in health professions and allied health professions programs.  The Indian Health Service (IHS) is committed to encouraging American Indians and Alaska Natives to enter the health professions and to assuring the availability of Indian health professionals to service Indians. Students incur service obligations and payback requirements on acceptance of funding from this program. Priority is given to graduate students and junior- and senior-level students unless otherwise specified.  Health Professions Scholarships are awarded for a one year period (12 months of support), with re-application required for each year of continuation. Stipends are paid for the 12-month period beginning each year from August 1 through July 31 for health and allied health professional education up to four years full-time or up to eight years part-time. Application deadline is March 28 and continuing students must apply by February 28Website:  www.scholarship.ihs.gov/.

Japanese Medical Society of America Scholarship - Applicants of Japanese ancestry, enrolled in an accredited medical, dental or nursing school are eligible to apply. The JMSA is looking for applicant's who demonstrate academic excellence and show a strong interest in the Japanese Medical Society of America. Application, current medical school transcript and at least one of letter of recommendation required. Scholarship amounts have ranged from $2,500 up to $20,000 in the past. Deadline is late December. Website:  www.jmsa.org.

Greater Lee's Summit Health Care Foundation - The Greater Lee's Summit Health Care Foundation awards multiple scholarships in the amount of up to $5,000 to support academic studies leading to a career in a medical or healthcare discipline.  Applicants must have lived in Lee's Summit for a period of at least five years or have graduated form an area high school, inclduing Blue Springs High School, if the student's residence was Lee's Summit at the time of graduation and have at least a 3.0 GPA.  Website: www.lshealthcare.org/?page_id=8.  Deadline is March 1

Mary and Melvin Grubb Medical Scholarship - KUMC medical students who are Master Masons and members of the Eastern Star in Kansas; who are children or grandchildren of Master Masons; who are children or grandchildren of members of the Order of the Eastern Star in Kansas are eligible to receive this scholarship award. For more information and an application, contact the Grand Chapter of Kansas Order of the Eastern Star at (785) 234-5743 or 855-637-5742. Deadline is June 15.

Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship - The Medical Professionals of Tomorrow Scholarship is sponsored by US Medical Supplies, a leading provider of medical and mobility products.  US Medical Supplies recognizes the importance of education and the incredible potential of tomorrow's medical professionals.  Their goal is to contribute to the future of the medical field by offering the winning student financial assistance to help cover the expenses of tuition and books. Three applicants will be selected to receive a scholarship. First place will receive $3500, second place $1000, and third place $500. Website: www.usmedicalsupplies.com/scholarship.  Deadline is December 31.

Dr. John J. Mingenback Memorial Scholarship - The Mingenback family has created a scholarship fund within the Golden Belt Community Foundation for aspiring health practitioners which encourages personal and professional commitment to the community.  Applicants must be from Barton County, Kansas, be enrolled (or going to be) at a undergraduate or graduate school, be majoring in a health/medical related field and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.  The application can be found at goldenbeltcf.org/receive/, and the deadline to apply is late March

MyHeart Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Scholarship - To assist students seeking a career in healthcare and aid in the awareness of heart disease, a group of cardiologists led by Dr. Mustafa Ahmed and Dr. Philip Johnson are providing 2 students with financial assistance ($1,000) and ongoing mentoring/advice on career and education decisions. To apply: http://myheart.net/scholarship/ The deadline for applications is mid-February.

National Health Service Corps Scholarship - The NHSC Scholarship Program is a competitive scholarship open to eligible students in a variety of primary health care disciplines who have career goals that include practicing in underserved areas. Scholarships are awarded in exchange for a student's commitment to practice in a community with a current shortage of health professionals. NHSC Scholars receive payment of tuition and fees for up to 4 years of education; 12 monthly stipend payments per year of scholarship support; and payment of other reasonable expenses, such as books, supplies, and equipment in exchange for their commitment to serve in a community in need. Website: nhsc.hrsa.gov/scholarships/overview/index.html.  Deadline is early May.

National Italian American Foundation Scholarship Program - The NIAF will award scholarships and grants to outstanding students in the summer for use during the following academic year. The awards will be made on the basis of academic merit and will be divided between two groups of students. Scholarship awards range from $2,000 - $12,000. Deadline is early-March. Website: www.niaf.org/programs/scholarships/

Navy Health Professions Scholarship Program - The Navy Health Professions Scholarship benefits include full tuition and books, required fees and a monthly stipend. After graduation, you will automatically become an officer of the Navy Medical Corps and practice your specialty in more than 100 ports of call around the world. For more information, contact 
(816) 924-1483 or visit www.navy.com.

Pisacano Scholars Leadership program - The Pisacano Leadership Foundation (PLF) seeks to advance family medicine by providing well-educated, community-minded leaders in primary care.  By aiding students who demonstrate the highest levels of commitment to family medicine, scholarship, leadership, character, interpersonal skills, and community service, the PLF will promote the development of the future leaders in the specialty.   The Pisacano Scholars Leadership program is designed to provide educational programs, leadership training, and funding to reimburse a portion of medical-school-related debt.  Scholarships will be awarded to outstanding medical students for a four-year period.  Students who have made a commitment to the field of family medicine and who will enter their fourth year in medical school in the fall of 2016 may apply.  The PLF will award scholarships with a maximum value of $28,000 each for the academic year. Applications must be received by March 1 to be considered.  Website: www.pisacano.org.

Point Foundation Scholarship Program - Point Foundation is the nation's largest scholarship granting organization for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) students of merit.  Point provides support through multi-year scholarships, leadership training, mentoring and hope to LGBT students who are marginalized because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  Very strong academic performance is one characteristic that Point seeks in all of its applicants and subsequent scholars.  Proven leadership and a desire to make a difference in the world are highly valued.  Website: www.pointfoundation.org/  

Tylenol Scholarship - The makers of Tylenol are giving away up to $250,000 in scholarships to students pursuing careers in healthcare.  Scholarships from $500 to $10,000 will be available for undergraduate and post-graduate study. Applicants will be judged on leadership qualities and academic performance. Deadline is late-June. Website: www.tylenol.com/news/scholarship

Vietnamese American Medical Association - The Executive Committee of the Vietnamese American Medical Association has established the VAMA Scholarship Program to: provide assistance to needy medical students, to foster medical students' interest in serving the Vietnamese American community, provide scholastic achievement and to encourage participation and leadership in the Association.  The program is open to all third year medical students who are in good standing at an accredited US medical school.  The scholarship amount is $1,000.  Deadline is in June. Website:  vamausa.org

Women in Medicine LGBTQ Leadership Scholarship - Women in Medicine (WIM) is an organization that seeks to support and empower lesbian and other sexual minority female physicians including residents and medical students.  WIM will present four, $5,000 LGBTQ Leadership Scholarships for female medical students enrolled in allopathic or osteopathic medical schools.  The application deadline is mid-April.  For more information, visit http://WomenInMedicine.org  or http://cme.uvm.edu  or contact wim.doctors@gmail.com.

Zola and Lawrence Nell Educations Trust - The Commerce Trust Company. Scholarship amounts vary. Applicants must be studying in the field of medicine and be a graduate of a high school in Sedgwick County, Kansas (i.e., Wichita, Kansas area). Grants and renewals may be conditioned upon such Grantee's engaging in the practice of the health profession for which he/she has received educational support, the period of time and the location of practice (Sedgwick County or the State of Kansas) to be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. Deadline: April 15. Application and Additional Information.

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